Kidney Walk (NKF) Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Are you participating in a National Kidney Foundation Walk or a fundraising run and need some inspiration for your team t-shirts? We’ve put together a list of creative team names for your group or team fighting kidney disease. Collected from some of our customers and a few we came up on our own, these names should help lift spirits and motivate fundraisers with a touch of humor and creativity.

Creative & Inspiring Kidney Walk Team Names

Keepin’ it Renal

Little Beans

Rolling Stones

Kidneys in Kind

Dialysis Defeaters

Transplant Trotters

Kidney Kickers

Recycle Life

Dialysis Schmyalysis

Super Kidneys

Renal Runts

Kidney Kruisers

The Perfect Pair

Sharing Kidneys is Caring

Dare to Share

Cool Beans

Got Potassium?

This Too Shall Pass

Urine Our Thoughts

Kidney Stoners

Motivational Wrestling Quotes and Sayings for Team T-Shirts

wrestling slogans t shirt iron on transfer

for an inspiring or motivational t-shirt quote or saying for your wrestling team? We’ve compiled some of our favorites, provided by some of our customers, along with a few we’ve come up with on our own. They’re great to put on your custom wrestling t-shirts and sweats.

Wrestling T Shirt Slogans & Sayings

Never give up. Never surrender.

Take down. Break down. PIN.

“I shoot, I score. He shoots, I score.”
-Dan Gable

Toughest six minutes there is!

99% is good enough… Just not good enough to beat me.

“Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”
-Dan Gable

No guts, no glory.

Respect all. Fear none.

“The only thing you deserve is what you earn”
-Tom Brands

Wrestling is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you are tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.

T-shirt Anniversaries by IronOnSticker!


How about saying “Happy Anniversary!” with a custom t-shirt?

That’s exactly what our customer Jae did.

He has used the power of custom t-shirts to celebrate each anniversary with his wife of 4 years. Jae designed a custom tee to commemorate their first anniversary, and took a photo of himself and his lovely wife wearing the shirts on their special day. For their second anniversary, he placed that very photo on a new custom t-shirt.  Each year, the photo in that year’s shirt design shows the couple wearing the previous year’s shirt.

So now in year four of their marriage, we have a photo of the couple wearing this year’s shirts – a design that includes a photo of the couple wearing last year’s shirts, which include a photo of the couple wearing the previous year’s shirts, which… you get the idea.

See for yourself!

T-shirt Anniversaries


Surprisingly Awesome Stuff

Interacting with customers on our website is a little like online dating. We want to make a good first impression but there’s just not enough space on our profile, er, homepage, to list all of the things we do well. I guess we could…but that’s no way to get a second date.

So let me take a few moments to point out five things I think make us special that you may not notice the first time you visit.

1. Approval Process

I wrote an entry a couple of weeks ago about our t-shirt approval & proof process from start to finish, but I’m touching on it again because I really do think it puts us a cut above the rest.  We get your approval on every aspect of your order, from making sure the design placement is perfect to catching misspellings. We do all the work, you just click “approve,” and best of all, it’s free!

2. PMS Matching

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, which is kind of like the little codes on paint swatches you see at the hardware store. Since Pantone codes are standardized across the board, if we have a PMS code, we can get your ink the exact shade you need.  This is especially helpful for corporations with official logos that have to be a specific hue, or when we work with customers with a great eye for color.  If you are creating corporate logo shirts, check with your graphic designer (they probably have a PMS code in mind). You get a free Pantone match for every $200 spent, and each additional match is just $10.

3. Polybagging

Poly – from the Ancient Greek polus or “many”. Bagging – from the English word… to bag? Literally, lots of bags. Polybagging is when our printers individually package each shirt in your order. This is a great option when ordering your shirts for resale; polybagging gives your new shirts that extra layer of protection, and makes handing out your shirts easier too. Polybagging is $0.50 per shirt.

4. Creative Services

If you’re looking for a little help or ideas and designs from expert artists, try our Creative Services.  Work one-on-one with a professional art team to create custom artwork to your specifications on any order of 6 or more. Pay a small deposit to start (it counts later towards your order cost) and let these artists show you how they got their name.  Creative Services can do everything from updating your current artwork to starting from scratch on something fresh.

5. Off-Site Products

Looking for a product or color that you don’t see on the website? Hang on! As long as a product is available through our suppliers, we can probably get it for you.  We’ve printed on everything from margarita glasses to maracas, sweatbands to skorts (yeah, I said skorts).  All of our reps can help you look for an off-site product, so give us a call and we’ll start the search!

Some of the services above cost a little extra, but we think they provide a great additional value. If any of the services above pique your interest, give us a call. Our reps can talk you through the process and answer any questions. I’d also love to field any questions in the comments below, so ask away!

Eco-Friendly Iron On Sticker All The Way

I love how easy it is to “Go Green” these days.  So many clothing manufacturers are taking steps to use recycled and organic materials to make their fabric. Even more impressive, they are improving their manufacturing processes to be more eco-minded and efficient.  One of my favorite companies is Iron On Sticker.  They use organic cotton and recycled water bottles (PET) to make their Ts.  They also launched a super cool website called that enables you to track the life of a T-shirt from start to finish.

Here are a few of their Eco-Awesome styles:

Eco-Friendly All The Way