Are NHL’s general managers really learning?

In 2017, there were several bad forward contracts. Patrick Marleau of maple leaf was traded and bought out. Nick Bonino of Nashville Raider and Martin of Dallas star Hanzal), maple leaf’s Zach Heyman can only play three or four groups, but these contract years and average salary are much better than those in 2016, which is a progress.

In 2018, it seems that the situation of disorderly signing has risen again, with James Neal of the flame taking the lead, James Van riemsdyk of Philadelphia flying man, Ilya kovalchuk of Los Angeles king, Leo Komarov of the islanders, Jay Beagle and Antoine Russell of the Canadians Roussel)。

Kenny Dalglish’s bet on kovalchuk is not too bad. The contract is short-lived and the player’s own reasons for not playing well. Neil and van reemstick always seem to be hitting the wall, not playing their full potential, especially the latter’s career is not over, but he is 30 years old after all, and there are four years left on his contract.

In 2016, the wave of frontline free players signed, largely because these UFAs had a very stable resume and could contribute 40 to 50 points a year, so the general managers kept signing them with high prices. The question now is, have they learned enough? It’s obvious that Trevor hasn’t suffered enough. He signed Neil last year, and now he’s busy exchanging Neil for Lucic. As for the others, let’s wait and see.