Celtic evoke winning mode!

Celtic team this defense system is really very strong, very many. Integrity is strong enough, but we said that this defense mode is very easy to use and achieve results in general teams, but teams like bucks can’t win because the Bucks can’t defend the core points of their tactics.

No solution, in other words, no solution, Lopez and mirodych, this kind of outside projection, big three-point shot, you almost have no solution, because your defense is based on a small lineup, this contraction defense is very strong, but the Celtics defense is this defense. It’s different from the warriors. The warriors are more capable of opening and closing defense. In other words, their defense area is bigger. However, the Celtics are smaller and shorter, and their moving speed is higher. But it’s not strong enough. The speed of moving is not fast enough. Owen and other things are not fast enough. So it can only crouch under the basket for regional defense and joint defense. This gives the Bucks enough time and gives the army enough space to play. What’s your number one? Well, quilts. We say this is the core point of tactics. As long as you succeed, you can make it

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Eastern monster eats man!

The game of determination and blazers has been finished, and it will be finished at noon. We will update it later. Then, menstrual period, 25 plus 19, is close to double 20. Today, if there is no garbage time, then tank. 30 points should not be a big problem, the beginning is not resistant ah, we said, menstrual period this way of playing is very good, um, er, I think ah, the first year of playoffs can play such a high level, evolution is very fast, right, to understand their own advantages, ah, play the playoffs is to play. In the playoffs, ah, it’s the strength of the inside line, this physical, physical, technical school center, right? Well, you can hit your body first, you can play your high score first, because we know that if you really encounter this kind of flesh and blood fight.

Watch this kind of game, hand to hand combat, ah, if you don’t have a good body or the desire to score with this curve, it’s easy to lose the game or the whole series because you rely on the role players, ah, you can rely on those fake stars, if you don’t have enough to fight, they can’t afford this. My heavy responsibility, can only rely on, luck, ah, today’s best, also in, the choice of jojic and siakam, ah, need them very much, these play is also good, the killing ability is very strong, although the shooting rate is not high, but also the college entrance examination score ah, ah, these turn over, we should say now hit the West and east to achieve this. Try your best

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Durant’s inner barrier is missing

Why lose history? Can’t it be repeated? You have to understand the ball. You have to understand the ball. Under the situation that Durant’s inner barrier is missing, if no player can top it, I’ll tell you coffee. The next game will be announced. Capello, there must be those that must be reported. Now, oh, raise soldiers for a thousand days. Rooney is very, very important. Rooney is the best person to limit cabella, and the best magic weapon. But I personally think that ah, although the last few balls played well today, Jiu Shu is still a good player. In any case, understanding is absolutely and fully guaranteed, but once he reaches the starting position, can he still limit whether he can resist kabela and defend kaufei when his physical fitness is exhausted. This is worth testing, and he may not be able to adapt to the kind of harden and Paul. Hadden, Paul, George, Ka, pila, so cabella’s next ball, ah, we, said a little exaggerated, must report, ah, en must report, 80%, ah, kabela’s data is higher than the average level, um, two points and two rebounds. Now we can calculate it.

Average, score, how much we are talking about is the average score per game. To count the first ball in the first series, go up, you can’t just count this series, ah, the situation of this series, OK? It’s very bad for Karena to play. You can add two points and two rebounds. What we’re talking about is that we should add the first one to the first series Liesl, play or not. Normal is better. In your first series, add up the second system, how many points, how many rebounds, how many blocks, right? Add up each technical index to add two points, two points, two rebounds and one block.

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Rocket coupons used up!

The rockets and warriors finished the game. Ah, the Rockets went smoothly. They knelt down. The warriors advanced to the final. We said before, ah, about kabela, I reminded us that we were exhausted. There are ten classes today. Let’s understand at least 12 points and 12 points. Eleven shots, five, well, the efficiency is very poor, only eleven shots, well, none of them is as big as we thought, so you should have lost, so you deserve it. Of course, Rocket fans must be sad, ah, such a good year to win the championship, such a good chance, right. With the old Paul, ah, then the probability of the Rockets winning the championship is getting lower and lower. Well, harden will definitely not play in this state next year. You should not expect that every day is harden. God, there is no magic power. Ah, Gordon’s upper limit is here, the whole rocket team.

The pointer, the arrow, are all down. They are all green arrows from me, not red arrows on the Internet. But we have to say that you have to accompany a team to grow up. If you fall, you are a real fan, right? If you are in winter. Then you should, always follow her. If you are a Curie fan, you should always follow her. Curie, right? Well, let’s talk about the evaluation of the Rockets’ lineup. If we keep the current lineup unchanged, we will avoid ah, er, for Paul’s contract, this premium time. What’s the story? Now, oh, correct it. It should be that the discount time has passed, and now it has entered into the asset restructuring stage. Ah, it has entered into a huge loss. OK, basically, that’s it. Let’s talk about it in the following program, if the gold mining goes well tomorrow. In the case of entering the western finals, it is one thing. In case of menopause, let’s talk about it specifically. Ah, thank a netizen for this reminder. Because adding the membership fee sent to us by wechat will prompt the risk, because many fans are sending us membership fee

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Celtic team ah Owen heartless

Like NBA such cold-blooded killers ah, cold-blooded killers, many are heartless many, the Rockets’ Hadden, heartless, Paul has heart and lung, ah, Paul looks at the victory and defeat very much, often, ah, frowns on some, is very concerned about, right Lillard. Heartless, people have no heart to endure, right, Celtic team ah Owen heartless, Tatum heartless, bad contact I heartless, skin care heartless, ah Hayward, ah hofford barely live, heartless, Celtic against the team heartless, but ah.

Novice ah, please, novice, ah, today I saw a netizen say that we are black, Michael world, Michael, I don’t know where we heard that our program will go black, Mike no Michael, I can reach me, hey, can we evaluate him in this program? He can let us have this condition. Do you want to participate? I don’t know where, great progress, ah, take your information and force it on our heads. I want to give it to all these fans. Black powder is also pink. These fans give a suggestion that if you don’t agree with our program or which point of view, you can download it. Next, save it, right? That day, when you think about it, you can listen and tell us which program we are, who we are talking about, who is Michael? We put him in black, and he’s completely destroyed

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James, can’t play in the first year

A young player, because, star, you don’t know what it’s like. You can’t bet. What’s he like? You can judge him as Duncan now. You can judge whether he is O’Neal or you now. Now can judge, he is, Jordan? Impossible, right? Strong or weak, James, can’t play in the first year, playoffs, this depends on the overall level of your team, how your team’s original appearance is, how big your foundation is, obviously, the foundation of this team is not good enough, ah, Anthony Davis also has to go now, so there is no mood to play.

He has no upward mood. Second, this team is a team that needs to be rebuilt. It is certain that zene is the absolute core of the team to rebuild. Therefore, Anthony Davis’s position in the team will be shaken, and he must spend more time and more shooting. Here, thieves, more favorable conditions and tactics, assigned to d’antony Davis, in this team will be weakened, ah, will be weakened, family history our family is this summer, the team has not changed, the season started normally. We can only give, Ti, Hu 20 ball to 30 on the most than 30, to verify the level of N, then, 30 ball, after Anthony Davis, you can know whether such a player can create talent, and he joined hands to win the championship, the champion to attack the championship, in fact, only 20 or 30 balls, only so much time.

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Kill Simmons!

There’s a problem with this episode. One player can’t shoot basketball. Well, you’re not a center, are you? You’re a perimeter player. No.

Well, what do you do every day? According to reason, according to reason, the coaching team of 76ers should give Simmons certain specific tasks, how many shots you need to pitch in each game, and how many you must pitch. The confidence of Simmons is no confidence now. If you want to shoot, you must give certain tactics to cultivate Simmons’ habit of shooting outside. Now he has no habit of doing nothing. You don’t have this habit, do you? Take the ball and start to break through. It’s not right. It’s right for the 76ers. Well, there’s something wrong with Simmons’ cultivation. Ah, give her a good piece of material and discard it. I’ll give her a thumbs up, right. There is no problem with operation and management. Ah, coach, ah, call for the whole exchange help. The group headed by brown and the whole team headed by Brown are in a mess. The whole team of coaches is in a mess. It’s a riot. Bao Qingtian.

Now, if you want to trade Anthony Davis with Simmons, do you think the title is a fool? Is it a fool? Ah, the title is really a fool? Is this material used like this, who dares to pick you up? Besides, I was trained by me. Do you think it’s good or not. Niucha, I hope it’s brain damage, but it’s brain damage. We say young players, ah, there’s a lot of time, but time is also tight, right? These are the golden moments and golden seasons. All these Mikado superstars grow up with a thread. The training experience of his profession and his training experience are roughly the same, ah, a year, a year Step by step, but Simmons did not grow.

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Welcome to the crowd!

But now there is a problem.

George has selected the best defense for a while, which is reflected in the computer room at the same time. In recent years, no player has been able to show that he can be at the same time. Therefore, if we really write like this, George will have a high evaluation. This season, the evaluation meeting, very high ah, Paul George, this year’s playoffs this season has reached the peak level, ah, is the highest level of career, ah, tomorrow can reach this level, I dare not say I say to you 90% can not reach, ah, average 28 points 28 points. Right? Well, the data is so luxurious. I need eight rebounds, four or five assists, two or three steals, two or more steals, one block, right or left. Ah, one may not be very fast. I just looked at the data, and I feel it is very good. This data has been, quite abnormal, oh, oh, so if he can’t choose the first room at the same time, it is mainly because the first room has been in, so the judges have not given whoring. This group of people should be a group of people, a group of people. I think, ah, then this turn over.

Ah, I don’t think there are too many disputes about the reason why Durant was elected to be the first in the league, right? Durant’s ability is reflected here. Now it’s about whether or not Leonard can be selected, the best and the cure. I say, the selection vote has been given in the regular time. In addition to Leonard, the playoff performance is crazy, the playoff performance is undisputed, but the regular time, the level of the regular season, right? Regular season, we, the cut-off and go, vote, the loss of the leaders of the second team are in his impression. In other words, it is a comprehensive consideration. It will also consider your influence. Ah, it will also consider a comprehensive factor of your exposure and whether the masses like the community or not. Therefore, this thing may not be the best data for you. Your inertia, the best, the impression, the flow, the best, must be selected. The impression, the flow may be a little bigger and more biased. So I feel that if you want to choose, Kumbo James Durant, Paul George, um, yes, curry and harden, curry and harden should not have much meaning.

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Paul’s ability therefore enhances

Facts have proved that the introduction of fario was a failure, and it was not in line with the rocket team system. My friends who have been listening to our program must know that our judgment on D’Antoni’s education is that he is a very old school, and his education is also correct.

Players, ah, the degree of understanding or the use of these players is very conservative, very conservative, to get the trust of d’antony is very difficult, a service Leo came to play a cup, a few games to occupy this position, called to play the western finals against the warriors, he did not dare to use him. He used small, rivers is also extremely risky, also because, still not available, the whole team at that time I did not have, more than little rivers can get, he trusted the people did not have valio. As like as two peas are as like as two peas, the Rockets lost the game this season because the three position is exactly the same as what we had predicted before. Why did we spend a lot of space talking about the relationship between Parera and orde? The rewards and punishments are not to clock in. The substitutes are not rockets. The Rockets with three guards can’t make up for the Rockets. They still have to kneel or kneel down. Brother Bear shows the noble warriors that the opportunity this year is very good. Durant is injured. I think the Rockets are extremely advantageous and can beat one.

However, ah, we also made a mistake in judgment, which shows that the Warriors team, now dead five little teams in 1516 season, is really competitive and indeed competitive, and now there are many netizens discussing hardenyu. I personally don’t think it is necessary to discuss the rocket team. If there is no Paul, the whole team will collapse. If the team wants to play, it will have to play a new routine or seek a new way. Now the traditional point guard is very good. These, the player’s ability, is because the point guard harden and Paul’s ability therefore enhances

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Conley and O’Neal with Clarkson and nyang

As we all know, gobel is a first-class player to defend under the basket and control the penalty area, but if he goes to the outside line, his footwork will suffer. So when the thick eyebrow brother throws the middle distance or the three-point, gobel basically puts on the airs, frightens suddenly.

His main energy has to be in the penalty area, and if he’s been on the outside with thick eyebrows, the breakthrough will be comfortable.

So let’s see at the beginning of today’s game, the Lakers are habitually slow, and the thick eyebrows are still in the interior, which is directly blocked by Goebel, but when they come back, the situation is not quite right.

Whether it’s the middle shot with thick eyebrows, or the three points given by James and his pick and roll, or the small man who comes up to cover the thick eyebrow and let him break through with the ball, gobel is not right.

Another interesting thing: after five minutes of the Lakers’ opening game, what do you think coach Schneider adjusted?

He replaced Conley and O’Neal with Clarkson and nyang. Clarkson came up to ask him to attack and let him do with the ball, and nyang was also a space player. Seeing this, I can’t help feeling that the former jazz is really getting farther and farther away from us.

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