Are NHL’s general managers really learning?

In 2017, there were several bad forward contracts. Patrick Marleau of maple leaf was traded and bought out. Nick Bonino of Nashville Raider and Martin of Dallas star Hanzal), maple leaf’s Zach Heyman can only play three or four groups, but these contract years and average salary are much better than those in 2016, which is a progress.

In 2018, it seems that the situation of disorderly signing has risen again, with James Neal of the flame taking the lead, James Van riemsdyk of Philadelphia flying man, Ilya kovalchuk of Los Angeles king, Leo Komarov of the islanders, Jay Beagle and Antoine Russell of the Canadians Roussel)。

Kenny Dalglish’s bet on kovalchuk is not too bad. The contract is short-lived and the player’s own reasons for not playing well. Neil and van reemstick always seem to be hitting the wall, not playing their full potential, especially the latter’s career is not over, but he is 30 years old after all, and there are four years left on his contract.

In 2016, the wave of frontline free players signed, largely because these UFAs had a very stable resume and could contribute 40 to 50 points a year, so the general managers kept signing them with high prices. The question now is, have they learned enough? It’s obvious that Trevor hasn’t suffered enough. He signed Neil last year, and now he’s busy exchanging Neil for Lucic. As for the others, let’s wait and see.

nhl iron on

A year ago, going into the trade deadline, three players the Blue Jackets did not want to get rid of were Alexandre Texier, Emil Bemstrom and Liam Foudy. 

A year later, you can see why. Texier immediately jumped into the team’s playoff lineup a year ago and flourished, though injury has short-circuited this season for the talented Frenchman; Bemstrom has shown flashes of skill and has goals in three straight games for the Blue Jackets at age 20; and Foudy showed an NHL-ready game when he made two appearances for the team earlier this month. 

This time around, Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen talked about the team’s relatively quiet trade deadline and pointed out there were three prospects this time around that teams often asked for. 

And again, Kekalainen made it clear Russian prospects Kirill Marchenko, Dmitri Voronkov and Daniil Tarasov were going nowhere. 

“Guys around the league, they scout the prospects just like we do, so everyone is asking about Marchenko and Voronkov and Tarasov,” Kekalainen said. “We’re not trading those guys. They’re going to be a big part of our future.” 

Notoriety reveals that the Lakers are not only recruiting Morris

Recently, the Lakers officially announced the signing of machiv Morris, completing the first official recruitment of this season. It’s just that Lakers fans who have been waiting for most of the season are better than nothing, though they can’t wait for heavyweight stars. Marcus Morris’s strength, naturally can’t compare with his brother, Marcus Morris, who just got one step ahead of the Clippers before the trade deadline. Fortunately, machiv Morris can still contribute 11 points and 4 rebounds to the pistons this season, with a three-point shooting rate of 39.4%. His arrival, still can alleviate the Lakers frontline shortage.

But as all Lakers fans know, it’s not enough to add Morris. Look at some of the team’s main competitors. The Bucks took Marvin Williams, the Clippers took little Morris and Reggie Jackson, and the mosaics took coventon, Jeff Green and Carroll. In this fierce “arms race”, the Lakers have lagged behind their opponents from the beginning, and still haven’t come close to them. Will the Lakers have any follow-up moves? This is the most concern of countless Lake honey people.

You have Zhang Liang’s plan, I have the wall ladder and the “yesterday reappearance” of little sanahan

In the first “double Red Cross” in history, Andy Reid won his first super bowl as manager, and the chief won the Super Bowl 50 years later! If there is a winning or losing curve in this war, it must be ups and downs and magnificent:

The first wave:

49 people took the lead at the beginning. A Bosa solo attack and a line guard raid in the defense group put pressure on mahames and forced him to rush to the third gear. In the attack group, it was a fake run, two take over runs, and a cover in the outside area. The rich tactics made the chief lose one after another. The advantage of this was that the defense group of the chief increased the proportion of the raid to create pressure and prevented 49 people from attacking first Wave array.

The second wave:

49 man area defense is hard to break, full of power, what should Andy reed do? Most teams in the League walk first and then pass. In this game, Reid first looks for hill from the short pass to finish catching the ball, creating a short-range conversion opportunity, and then completes the three gear conversion with the road attack. The second move is to use more rpoS, Kyle xillie turns inside on both wings, becoming a defense weapon in the area of breaking 49 players. More than 49 players have fake running and real passing, and mahoms’ fake running and real passing are fast going out The hand is sharp. Then a quarterback’s emergency line shot, a wildcat over the fourth gear, a reading option shot to the array.

Before the game, we often talked about two important points, and the fact is also two illusions: a. the chief has no road attack; B. Reid’s tactics are not as good as shaanahan. Results in the first half, two four gears and one yard, a sudden change of wildcat and a reading option, showed Andy Reid’s plan B to deal with the difficulties – a changing attack.

After the chieftain defense team came on the court, Chris Jones broke away from the protection of Mike Persson, the right guard of 49 people, and made a panic. Mike pernell, another passer on the inside, hit garropollo, and the latter forced to take a cut. The score opened to an array. What’s more, it seems that the chieftain’s offensive and defensive tactics all occupied the commanding height.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s NBA, the Rockets are expected to win 10 games in a row against the Knicks at home

9:00 am, February 25 / Houston, TX

Record: New York Knicks 17-39 Houston Rockets 36-20 East 13th West 4th

Recent situation: the Knicks lost 22 points in the third quarter against Pacers in the last round. In the fourth quarter, they failed to fight back successfully, and finally lost 106-98 at home, which was a three game losing streak.

Rockets last round against the playoffs Card Battle old opponent, with double MVP cut 72 points, away 120-110 revenge jazz, regular season ranking also ahead of one

Team analysis:

New York Knicks

The Knicks ranked 28th in the league with 104.6 points per game, 19th in the league with 111.6 points per game, 6th in the league with 46.3 rebounds per game, 28th in the league with 21.6 assists per game, 26th in the league with 44% shooting percentage per game and 7th in the league with 41.1 points per substitute.

In the last ten games, the Knicks’ record is 5-5, with an average of 106.8 points, 47.2 rebounds, 23.5 assists, 8.3 steals and 5 blocks. The shooting percentage is 46.1%. Their opponents averaged 109.5 points, with a 45.8% hit rate.

The Knicks are 9-19 away this season.

A night of turmoil! Three contracts + two superstars’ reimbursement, warrior’s rise is hit again

After the relaxation and rest of the NBA all star weekend, the NBA regular season is back on fire. At present, the bucks in the East are one of the best, leading the Raptors in the second place by 7 games; the Lakers in the West are also four games ahead of Denver Nuggets, so in the remaining 1 / 3 of the season, it is difficult to change the top of the division. However, other teams still dare not relax; in the past turbulent night, the NBA has three more signings and two stars announced season reimbursement. Let’s talk about it.

First of all, let’s look at three contracts. The day before yesterday, piston announced that it would buy Reggie Jackson. After 48 hours of clarification, the Clippers signed it as soon as it had been reported before. The Lakers next door are envious of their efficiency. With Reggie, the clippers have picked up their favorite players in the Lakers’ hands four times.

Interestingly, it seems that the strong clippers are not just needed by the team, but are competing directly with the Lakers. But whether the Clippers need it or not, but if the Lakers need it, they have to take it. If nothing unexpected, the clippers and the Lakers will eventually meet in the West conference. At that time, the Clippers will be strong and strong, and each position will have enough reserves, while the Lakers will be a little thin, trying to break through the fierce situation.

Then, pistons today announced the signing of Derek Wharton Jr. At the beginning of the season, Walton played for clippers, then joined the eagles; recently, he joined the pistons after being cut by the eagles. As a result, it’s the exchange of control guard between clipper and piston. But small Walton is for the full edge player, a pen to take.

Summary of mlb18: Bryant’s three consecutive innings win the warriors 9 points over the brewer

On May 18, major league baseball played 15 games. The results are as follows: Cub 14-6 national, rocky 4-5 Philadelphia people, ray 3-4 Yankee, spaceman 3-1 red socks, Dodger 6-0 red man, oriole 5-1 Indian, sportsman 7-2 tiger, metropolis 6-8 marlin, brewer 8-12 warrior, cardinal 3-7 Ranger, Bluebird 10-2 white socks, giant 0-7 rattlesnake, Royal 2-5 angel, pirate 5-3 priest, Shuangcheng 7-1 sailor.

In the first half of the first set, Javier bayez’s second base hit gave the cubs the lead, 1-0. In the first half of the second set, Albert almora shot two shots, 3-0. In the second half of the third set, Anthony Lundon fired a two-point shot, 3-2. In the first half of the seventh set, Chris Bryant shot two shots, 5-2. In the second half of the seventh inning, Suzuki hit a first base hit to send a 5-3, then he returned to home base to score 5-4 depending on his opponent’s throw foul. In the first half of the eighth inning, the home runs of Kyle Schwab and Bryant and the first base hits of mark zaguinis gave the cubs 5 points, 10-4. In the first half of the ninth inning, Bryant fired for the third time, and Wilson Contreras fired two shots, 14-4. In the second half of the ninth inning, Brian Dozier’s second base hit set the final score at 14-6, with the cubs beating the nation.

Koel hamels, the cubs’ starter, made five strikeouts in five innings, losing two points and getting five winning shots. Bryant and Contreras play 4 A in a single game, and Bryant makes 3 home runs and scores 5 points. National team starter Max shezer made eight strikeouts in six innings, losing three points and swallowing lost shots.

Former NFL champion quarterback signed by cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury, manager of the cardinal, played in the Canadian Football League. Today, the cardinal signed a quarterback from the same team as him to add depth to the squad.

On Tuesday, the Cardinals announced the signing of a former Winnipeg blue bomber quarterback, Chris streveler.

Streffler has played at the University of Minnesota and the University of South Dakota and won the Missouri Valley division’s best offensive player of the Year Award (2017). He lost in the 2018 draft and then signed up for the blue bomber.

At the beginning of the season, strelfole was a bench player, but he proved with strength that he was a quarterback who can pass and charge. The cardinal website compares him to taysom hill. Streffler’s passing in the season was 1564 yards, reaching the array 9 times, hitting the ball 127 times, advancing 726 yards, reaching the array 12 times.

In the grey Cup championship, when the blue bombers beat the tigers 33-12, strelfoller completed a pass to reach the array, passing three times, pushing 39 yards, and pushing 30 yards for nine times.

In order to find a job in the NFL, Trevor himself applied to be cut by the team. He will be competing for the redfinch bench this summer. Currently, there is only one signing substitute for cardinals, drew Anderson, and Brett Hundley is about to become a free agent.

There’s another fight! Lakers clippers are interested in 27 year old guard

The Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, the biggest imaginary rivals on their way to championship, are fighting again! According to ESPN, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix revealed that Suns have cut 27 year old defender Taylor Johnson. The Los Angeles Lakers and clippers were immediately nervous about getting the 1.91-meter-tall guard.

Seeing this news, I don’t know if I should use the word “hunger, no choice of food, no choice of clothes”, or the word “magic Zheng” is more suitable. The Lakers and Clippers will be interested in buying players once guard type players appear in the market. The purpose is very obvious: you have, I have to have, you don’t have, I have to have, you want to have, try every way not to let you have.

The question is whether Taylor Johnson is worth signing? Taylor Johnson, who joined the league as a draft finalist in 2014 and has been with the heat, was sent to the Suns before last year’s deadline, earning $19.25 million a year. Taylor Johnson has played 31 games for the Suns this season, averaging 16.6 minutes, getting 5.7 points, 1.7 rebounds and 1.6 assists, with a three-point shooting rate of 28.9%.

Among the most popular candidates for the job of manager, one neglected name is Steve spagnuolo, chief defense coordinator of Kansas City.

Spanolo, who has won two Super Bowl titles, has been in charge of the San Luis rams for three years and has been interim manager of the New York Giants. After helping the chieftain defence improve, he may start to get noticed again.

Will he be interested in the position of manager?

“Oh, of course,” spagnolo said in an interview. “Listen, my wishes and enthusiasm will never change. But I’ll say that… I’m a lucky man and got the job. If God didn’t arrange for me to get the manager’s chance, then I would accept it. It would be great if I had a chance, and if I didn’t, I would be very lucky to get the position. “

Sparganolo has won only 10-38 in his three years in charge of ram, and only one and two in the first and last year, except for 7-9 in the second year. The question now is whether other teams will give him another chance to be manager or whether they think he is just a good defensive coordinator.