Celtic team ah Owen heartless

Like NBA such cold-blooded killers ah, cold-blooded killers, many are heartless many, the Rockets’ Hadden, heartless, Paul has heart and lung, ah, Paul looks at the victory and defeat very much, often, ah, frowns on some, is very concerned about, right Lillard. Heartless, people have no heart to endure, right, Celtic team ah Owen heartless, Tatum heartless, bad contact I heartless, skin care heartless, ah Hayward, ah hofford barely live, heartless, Celtic against the team heartless, but ah.

Novice ah, please, novice, ah, today I saw a netizen say that we are black, Michael world, Michael, I don’t know where we heard that our program will go black, Mike no Michael, I can reach me, hey, can we evaluate him in this program? He can let us have this condition. Do you want to participate? I don’t know where, great progress, ah, take your information and force it on our heads. I want to give it to all these fans. Black powder is also pink. These fans give a suggestion that if you don’t agree with our program or which point of view, you can download it. Next, save it, right? That day, when you think about it, you can listen and tell us which program we are, who we are talking about, who is Michael? We put him in black, and he’s completely destroyed

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