Durant’s inner barrier is missing

Why lose history? Can’t it be repeated? You have to understand the ball. You have to understand the ball. Under the situation that Durant’s inner barrier is missing, if no player can top it, I’ll tell you coffee. The next game will be announced. Capello, there must be those that must be reported. Now, oh, raise soldiers for a thousand days. Rooney is very, very important. Rooney is the best person to limit cabella, and the best magic weapon. But I personally think that ah, although the last few balls played well today, Jiu Shu is still a good player. In any case, understanding is absolutely and fully guaranteed, but once he reaches the starting position, can he still limit whether he can resist kabela and defend kaufei when his physical fitness is exhausted. This is worth testing, and he may not be able to adapt to the kind of harden and Paul. Hadden, Paul, George, Ka, pila, so cabella’s next ball, ah, we, said a little exaggerated, must report, ah, en must report, 80%, ah, kabela’s data is higher than the average level, um, two points and two rebounds. Now we can calculate it.

Average, score, how much we are talking about is the average score per game. To count the first ball in the first series, go up, you can’t just count this series, ah, the situation of this series, OK? It’s very bad for Karena to play. You can add two points and two rebounds. What we’re talking about is that we should add the first one to the first series Liesl, play or not. Normal is better. In your first series, add up the second system, how many points, how many rebounds, how many blocks, right? Add up each technical index to add two points, two points, two rebounds and one block.

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