Looking forward to tomorrow’s NBA, the Rockets are expected to win 10 games in a row against the Knicks at home

9:00 am, February 25 / Houston, TX

Record: New York Knicks 17-39 Houston Rockets 36-20 East 13th West 4th

Recent situation: the Knicks lost 22 points in the third quarter against Pacers in the last round. In the fourth quarter, they failed to fight back successfully, and finally lost 106-98 at home, which was a three game losing streak.

Rockets last round against the playoffs Card Battle old opponent, with double MVP cut 72 points, away 120-110 revenge jazz, regular season ranking also ahead of one

Team analysis:

New York Knicks

The Knicks ranked 28th in the league with 104.6 points per game, 19th in the league with 111.6 points per game, 6th in the league with 46.3 rebounds per game, 28th in the league with 21.6 assists per game, 26th in the league with 44% shooting percentage per game and 7th in the league with 41.1 points per substitute.

In the last ten games, the Knicks’ record is 5-5, with an average of 106.8 points, 47.2 rebounds, 23.5 assists, 8.3 steals and 5 blocks. The shooting percentage is 46.1%. Their opponents averaged 109.5 points, with a 45.8% hit rate.

The Knicks are 9-19 away this season.