NHL “season back” will play directly in the playoffs

NHL, the world-renowned professional ice hockey league, will restart in the second half of this year. NHL officially released its 2019-2020 “season return” plan Tuesday, confirming that 24 teams will compete for the championship symbol Stanley Cup in two “hub cities” later this summer.

The novel coronavirus outbreak was forced to shut down in March 12th this year, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus outbreak. NHL By then, the regular season 2019-2020, which started in early October last year, had been 85% (1082 of 1271 games completed). After the suspension of the season, all teams are advised to try to isolate themselves.

The announced “return to the season” plan consists of four time stages, with the suspension period from March 12 as the first stage. According to the plan, the regular season of this season has been officially terminated. The rest of the regular season scheduled for March 12 to April 4 will not be played. The results of each team are as of March 11, and the ranking is based on this. The 24 teams in the top 12 of the eastern and Western leagues will participate in the rest of the season. By implication, seven of the 31 teams in the League will finish the season ahead of schedule.