Will NHL players return to Beijing Winter Olympics? Let’s finish China 2020 first

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, can we see the NHL players who missed the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics? Bill Daley, vice president of the NHL League, said that there is no final conclusion on whether the players can participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but the league is preparing to hold a pre-season match in China in 2020.

During the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, NHL chose to continue to hold league games, which means that members of national teams who play for NHL teams will not be able to participate in the Winter Olympic Games. For the 2022 Winter Olympics, Daley said he fully understands the significance of the games for China. “Obviously, the Winter Olympics will be an important factor in the development of ice hockey in China. It’s also a great opportunity to show the Chinese people the ice hockey game “However, it’s not exactly the same as the league’s decision for each Olympic Games,” Daley said in an interview

Daly said that the NHL League hopes to determine the pre-season process in 2020 as soon as possible, arranging the pre-season competition in China in 2017 and 2018 for two consecutive years, while in 2019 the League did not send teams to participate in the China competition. Daly said that he hoped to announce the arrangement of NHL China pre-season in 2020 in the next few months: “we hope to continue to develop and deepen cooperation with China, which means that there will be more games, more players, more teams and more League activities coming to China.”

The League said it would not arrange regular season games in China next season, but it would try to bring NHL team to China for pre-season games. And in order to continue to explore if to enhance the love of Chinese fans for ice hockey. Daly believes that at this stage, ice hockey should be promoted more than the NHL League itself.

Mlb28 live video of cubs vs Cardinals trying to return to the throne

At 08:15 on September 28, there will be a focus game in the central area of the League of nations. The St. Louis Cardinals will play the Chicago Cubs at the charity stadium, the first in a series of three games between the two sides.

Review of war situation

One of the most surprising news for the major league in September was that the cubs lost nine straight games in a shocking way, killing playoff hopes. It’s also the first time since the cubs won the foreign card qualification in 2015 that they’ve missed the playoffs. The starting rotation lacks the ace pitcher, most of which is the level of starting in the middle section; the cowshed is weak, and signing Kimbrell to strengthen is a disaster; playing line has many injuries at the end of the season, but in the final analysis, it may be that after winning the championship in 2016, little bear has no desire to rewrite history.

The manifestation of Western oil painting art

In the “Expressionism” of Western oil painting, the theme should be treated according to the birth and development of oil painting,

Since the birth of oil painting in the 15th century, every century, there will be different painters to describe the oil painting performance in their mind according to their own social background and cultural background. So expressionism is different.

Early oil painting, for example, in the early 15th and 16th century, was mainly realism, and its oil painting style was realism. By the middle of the 19th century, it began to change to Impressionism. Until the 20th century, with the rapid development of science, the society has also caused profound changes. After the rise of all kinds of irrational anti rationalism thoughts in the field of cultural thought, it has gradually formed its own theory.

Various humanities and natural sciences influence and permeate each other. Constantly stimulate the formation of new ideas.

Therefore, art creation presents an unprecedented pattern of diversity and freedom. Therefore, the western oil painting art also began to present modernism, cubism, futurism, constructivism, surrealism and other schools.

NHL golden Cavaliers changed for the first time, and all star coaches could not escape from class

On January 3, golden Cavaliers’ head coach, Garrett, was selected as the head coach of the all star Pacific Division for the 2019-2020 season. However, only in the past half month, the golden Cavaliers under Garrett lost 2-4 to the Buffalo Sabres, and the Cavaliers fell behind, and they also suffered four consecutive defeats. At present, the golden Cavaliers are 24-19, 6 overtime and 54 points negative. The difference between them in the Pacific Division and the third celgary flame in the division is 1 point in more than one game. When they play more than two rounds, they are 54 points more than Vancouver plus and Winnipeg jet. But because of the gap between the net was left out of the outside card area.


After losing 4 times in a row, the golden Cavaliers, who seemed to have made it to the playoffs, also fell into a panic. Then the golden Cavaliers’ senior management decided to borrow their coach, Garrett. Golden Knight’s management said that it is important to change at this time, and change is needed to deal with the current defeat, so as to try to change.

Garrett is the first coach of the golden Cavaliers and has been coaching them for three seasons. His greatest achievement was to lead the golden Cavaliers to the Stanley Cup finals in their first year. Just after joining the NHL League, Vegas made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. Although he lost to the Washington capital, he just joined the league and reached the finals, which also created a great miracle for the golden Cavaliers. In the face of the manager’s change, Fleury said: “it’s all crazy for me. For a team, a team, changing the coach is difficult. We have made the final decision. They are very sincere to us. The coach and the management have great respect for our players. I’ve never heard bad news in the team. They love the game, they love the rink. “

Become MVP, visit Disneyland, mahoms, realize high school dream

Patrick mahome finally won the super bowl and became the MVP.

It’s true that mahames, 24, has just finished his third season, so it doesn’t seem necessary to use the word “finally.”. But in fact, mahames has been hoping to win the super bowl for a long time.

After the chieftain won the title, mahoms tweeted on February 6, 2013, the 47th Super Bowl. “I guess it would be great to be a quarterback who said ‘I’m going to Disneyland’ after winning the super bowl,” he said, who was still in high school at the time


At the 54th Super Bowl awards ceremony, when Terry Bradshaw, the host, asked “where are you going”, mahoms, who won the MVP of the super bowl, said excitedly, “I want to say that all my life. I’m going to Disneyland!” Bradshaw then joked, “can I go with you?” Mahoms replied, “of course, everyone can come.”

Since the Super Bowl in 1987, Disney has often asked the MVP of the super bowl to say “I’m going to Disneyland!” This advertisement. So this sentence has become a classic.

Mahome will visit Disneyland with a 10-year-old boy supported by the wish foundation.

Mlb24 live video Yankee vs Dodge

New York Yankees travel to Southern California to Challenge League of nations overlord Los Angeles Dodgers, the first in a series of three games between the two sides. Tencent sports will broadcast the game live, welcome fans to watch at that time.

Review of war situation

Yankee has just been swept in three series with the sportsman, losing four in a row. However, Yankee is still leading the league with 83-46 loss, especially in the east area of the league, which has an obvious leading advantage, and has 8.0 victories in spite of the second place. Young has scored the most 756 points in the league in the base season.

641 (2)

In fact, dodge can determine to dominate the League of nations West for the seventh consecutive season, because they have already led the rattlesnakes in the sub division by as much as 20.5 games. Today, after beating Bluebird for three consecutive wins, the team achieved 85 wins and 44 losses, and was the only team in the league with a winning rate of more than 65%. The Dodger team has a total score of 714 points and is the only team in the National League that has scored more than 700 points.

Match point

The two sides of the competition are undoubtedly the two most popular giants in the top 30 of the major league. They are the top two of the United States and the League of nations. In addition, the two teams are the best teams in the two leagues at present, so they can be called the strongest team, the strongest team, and can not be missed.

Singapore printing packaging and logo Exhibition

Print pack sign is the only professional printing, packaging and signage trade fair in Singapore. The exhibition will be held at the same time as Singapore gifts exhibition and Singapore office supplies and stationery Expo, and will work together to provide continuous exchange opportunities for exhibitors.

Up to now, they have enjoyed outstanding promise with outstanding and outstanding nature and become one of the preferred exhibition and sales channels of the world merchants in the industry.

Banner Customization 03-2

PP + s will become an ideal channel to attract professional merchants from all over the world.

Thousands of major resolution plan buyers and potential business partners will gather here. They include advertising / media companies, architects, commercial / digital / newspaper printers, corporate (multinational and small and medium-sized enterprises), design consultants / companies, educational institutions, government agencies, graphic designers, importers / exporters, on-demand printing shops, publishing houses / printing factories, logo and display manufacturers, network / multimedia designers, Internet to Direct buyer of the print operation.

Distribution share of exhibitors: 57% of exhibitors are from Singapore, and the other 43% are from 10 overseas countries. Overseas professional buyers are distributed all over the world

Last exhibition planning: there are 300 exhibitors, 12000 purchasers and visitors, with a total exhibition area of 12550 square meters.

The printing pack sign exhibition in Singapore is held by BizLink group. The exhibition is held once a year. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the Singapore market. The last printing pack sign exhibition in Singapore attracted 300 exhibitors and 12000 merchants. The exhibition is held in M Binhai Bay Sands Exhibition Center, Singapore Held by Arina Bay Sands, the exhibition covers an area of 12550 square meters.

On January 21, many fans are just about to start a busy day. In an NBA game this morning, grizzlies, who won 7 consecutive games and rushed to the eighth place in the west, are facing the pelican challenge today. Pelican’s injury situation has improved recently, and Holliday is back after 15 days of recuperation. It also paves the way for today’s team to play bravely. At the end of half-time, they will lead the opponent by 69-50 points.


At the end of the game, the Grizzlies did not lose the suspense. They chased all the way and made the difference to 5 points at the last moment, but they did not go any further. Redick’s three points dampened the Grizzlies’ last hope. Young player Morant’s last-minute five point play must be enjoyed by fans and friends. In this game, he has cut 16 + 9 double doubles, which is often praised by fans and external media. It is also a normal play. At the last moment, the breakthrough caused 2 + 1, which made the game that had already been played in suspense.

Talk about Grizzlies, a team that has been sleeping for many years. Since the era of black and white double evils, it has been regarded as a weak team by fans and friends. This season they have traded 30 million Mr Conley, the absolute core of the team. Originally thought by the outside world to have begun to put rotten continue to win the Lotto show, but now they quietly climbed to the eighth position in the West. January 21, a wave of seven consecutive wins is even more surprising to the fans. This? Or the Grizzlies I know? And all this, also owe to this year’s top – ranking Jia – Morant, that under one person, more than ten thousand men.

vinyl letter stickers

NBA All Star Game

NBA officials announced the results of the third and final round of voting. LeBron of the Lakers continued to lead the way, while Dong Qiqi of the lone ranger and brother lettered of the Bucks ranked second and third respectively.

The results showed that LeBron (4.74 million) and dongqiqi (4.59 million), alphabet brother (4.47 million) and Anthony Davis (4.41 million) were more than 4 million players.

With a huge advantage, the Bucks’ letter elder brother has actually locked in the eastern captain’s place, and he has nearly twice the number of votes of the second-largest player in the East, sikam (2.43 million). At the same time, if LeBron can keep his lead over East Bridge, he will be captain of the West.


In the Western backcourt, the Rockets’ Hadden (2.93 million), trailblazer’s Lillard (0.98 million), Lakers’ Caruso (0.89 million), Rockets’ wesbrook (0.83 million) and warriors’ Curie (0.81 million) are next to Dongqi.

In the west front court, LeBron and Davis continue to lead, followed by the Clippers’ Leonard (2.97 million), Clippers’ George (1.17 million), Nuggets’ Jokic, trailblazers’ Anthony and lone Rangers’ polzingis.

In the eastern front court, besides the alphabet Gore and sICAM, followed by the 76’s enbid (2.39 million), the heat’s Butler (2.04 million), the Celtic’s Tatum and the Celtic’s fall.

Aobaye criticizes maple leaf for playing too alone

NHL 2019-20 regular season is in full swing. On October 30 and 31, Beijing time, Nashville Raiders signed an 8-year contract extension of 72.4 million defense core Roman Yossi; Winnipeg jet general Dustin baifgren underwent ankle surgery; Toronto Maple captain John Tavares resumed training and will be back soon…. we have a summary of the news of the two days of the alliance Get up and have a look!

On October 30, contemporary time, Nashville Raiders and star guard Roman josi signed an eight-year, $72.4 million fat contract with an average annual salary of just over $9 million. The 29 year old defender, who last signed $28 million for seven years on June 10, 2013, is in the final season of his contract. With a successful renewal, Yossi will not have to worry about becoming a free agent in 2020.

“The parties have never kept the renewal a secret.” “I see everyone and I say I want to stay here, like I said, I love this place,” Yossi said. (predator general manager David Boyle) it’s no secret they want to sign me. Obviously both sides want to complete the renewal as soon as possible, but I have always been full of confidence in the renewal process. ” The predators are determined to sign Yossi, which has made a breakthrough in the past two weeks. Yossi and Boyle meet in Arizona.

641 (6)


“It’s probably the most important negotiation we’ve ever had,” Boyle said. “We signed Roman Yossi, who is our best player. He is a leader, so there are many obvious things in the negotiation, such as money. We have a close relationship with Yossi and we want to talk about this with Yossi, not necessarily with the players about the future. We’ve been talking for a long time, and we should have reached an agreement even earlier, but it’s important that we finally reach an agreement now.

” A gamble to renew his contract with West Nashville, who will remain at the top of the NHL at the age of 30 next year. In fact, if you look at a team like the Chicago Black Hawk, how they are bound by the salary cap and old players, you will feel a lot of fear. They gave the 30-year-old defense pillar Brent Seabrook a long-term contract, but the state of the latter suddenly declined. But it’s clear that the predators are happy with Yossi’s performance in the past, both on the ice and off the field.

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Yossi has always been the soul of the predator’s backcourt and was named the eighth team captain before the start of the 2017-18 season. He has been selected as an all star twice in the past five seasons. Yossi was selected by the predators in the second round of the 2008 draft conference. He scored 361 points (98 goals, 263 assists) in 574 regular season games. 32 points (10 goals, 22 assists) in 71 playoffs. This season, Yossi also has a good start, currently in the first 11 games scored 5 goals and sent out 8 assists totaling 13 points. The league is at a crucial stage at the beginning. After the renewal, Yossi said he was relieved.