Slogans & Sayings iron on transfers for Parkinson’s t shirts

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that can cause symptoms like shaking, imbalance, and speech impairment. While there is no cure, treatment can help quality of life. Do you have an upcoming Parkinson’s event? Get inspired and join the cause with our Parkinson’s slogans and sayings iron on transfers for t shirts!

Parkinsons Slogans Sayings

Parkinson’s Slogans & Sayings iron on transfers for t shirts

Live your best possible life now
Get moving for Parkinson’s

Give Parkinson’s the shake down

Cruising for a cure

“We may each have our own individual Parkinson’s, but we all share one thing in common. Hope.” –Michael J Fox

With awareness there is hope

Someone I love needs a cure

Together we can make steady strides

Shakin’ but not stirred

“If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.” –Marty McFly (Michael J Fox)

Team Names iron on transfers for Suicide-Prevention Walk t shirts

Suicide-Prevention Walk t shirts iron on transfers

Suicide is a tough topic, but you can help bring attention through prevention awareness. If you are participating in a suicide walk to honor a loved one or bring attention to the cause, take a look at some inspiring suicide walk team names below. We hope that they encourage you, as well as other suicide walk participants, to continue to move forward and never give up.

Encouraging Team Names iron on transfers for Suicide-Prevention Walk t shirts

Heroes for Hope

No More Darkness

Story Unfinished

Fight for Life

Live 4 Tomorrow

Dare to Care

Into the Light

The Living Proof

Break the Silence

Never Give Up

Sustaining Steppers

Walking Warriors


Stomp Out Stigma

Zombie Walk Slogans iron on transfers for t shirts That Slay It

Looking for a catchy slogan iron on transfers for your upcoming zombie walk or run t shirts?  Look no further! You won’t be left for dead with these slogans. Check them out below. And don’t forget to browse our sweet selection of t-shirt styles. Your zombie walk slogan will be a great add to any tee. Plus, you’ll look great while trying to survive the zombie takeover!

Zombie Walk Slogans iron on transfers

Zombie Walk Slogans iron on transfers that Slay

Run for Your Life

Zombies: Eat Flesh

Stiff Competition

Bros Before Brains

Fight the Dead, Fear the Living

I Will Survive

Army of Undead

Lots of Guts, Very Few Brains

Zombies Hate Fast Food


Keep Walking to Avoid Zombies

Funny and Creative Names Iron on transfers for Irish Team

Names Iron on transfers for Irish Team

Irish Team Names for Men, Women, and Co-ed Teams

On sports team? Or competing in trivia at the local pub? And you can’t seem to find the right name iron on transfers for your Irish team t shirts? We knew this day would come. That is why we wanted to compile our list of funny and creative Irish team names that will be sure to get all the heads turning in your direction. This is one pot of gold that we want you to find at the end of the rainbow.

Team Eejits
It’s a Hard Neck Life
Lucky Leprechauns
Pinches be Crazy
Boondock Saints


Shenani-gals / Hooli-girls
The Sandra Bolloxed
Girls that Sham-Rock
Dublin Darlings
River Dance Moms


The Patty O’Furnitures.
Babes and Bullocks
Lucky Charms
Blarney and Friends
Irish Wristwatch

Want to see how your team name would love designed on a shirt? Check out our Irish Shirts and Sweatshirts page for a fun and easy way to get started!

Kicking it old school – Adult Kickball Teams t shirt iron on transfers

Adult Kickball Teams t shirt iron on transfers

For most of us without children, playgrounds are a place of the past. There, lines between cool and uncool were drawn, scrapes and bruises were worn with glory, games were won and lost, and at times, when eyes were diverted, dirt was eaten.

While your body may not fit in the seat of a swing as it once did, and you may not have the endless energy of a kid, the fun of playgrounds can and does continue on. How you ask? With kickball, of course! From choosing the perfect kickball team name iron on transfers to creating a cool kickball design, it’s a blast to round bases even if your legs don’t move quite as fast.

No matter where you’re playing, whether it be a park, softball field, or just your backyard, spice up your life with a little blast from the past. It’s a great way to spend much needed time with friends or experience stress-free fun with coworkers. And, if you’re looking to expand your social circle, consider joining an adult sports league in your area.

Have fun and don’t forget the Band-Aids!

Funny & Creative Golf Team Names iron on transfers

Golf Team Names iron on transfers

Looking for a clever or funny team name iron on transfers for your upcoming tournament or golf outing t shirts? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite team names just for you. Feel free to pick one that speaks to you and consider us as your destination for custom golf shirts or other high-quality polos for your golf team.

How’s My Driving?

Par-Tee On

19th Hole or Bust

The Bogey Boys

Grip it n’ Rip It

Team Putt Putt

A Stroke of Luck

Dirty Birdies

T.F.I.G. (Thank Friday It’s Golf)

Who’s Your Caddy?

Designated Drivers

I’d Tap That

The Hole in None’s

The Ultimate Drive

Keep Calm & Shark On

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Funny and Creative Trombone Section Sayings iron on transfers for T-shirts

Trombone Section Slogans and Sayings iron on transfers

Need a creative slogan or saying iron on transfers for your band’s trombone section? Well, put the trombone down and check ours out! Here at Iron On Sticker, we’ve put together a list of funny and clever sayings for all types of band sections, including (you guessed it) the trombone. They’re perfect to add to one of our band t-shirt templates or stick on custom sweatshirts for you and your fellow trombone mates.

Creative Trombone Section Slogans and Sayings iron on transfers for T-shirts

Who needs valves, when you can slide!
Never look at the trombone. It only encourages them.
-Richard Wagner

Low brass for life.

Pump up the bass!

The trombone’s connected to the… Uh… Nevermind.

Slide to play.

Bad to the bone.

Mine’s longer.

Weapons of brass destruction.

Everything else is just accompaniment.

All about that bass… No treble.

We’re a skeleton crew… Just a bunch of ‘bones.

The band’s with us.

Keep calm and TROMBONE.

There’s two types of slides in this world. Know the difference.

We kick brass!

Pool and Billiards Team Names iron on transfer for t shirts

Pool and Billiards Team Names iron on transfer

Need a funny or clever team name iron on transfer for your pool league or billiards team? We’ve got a list just for you! Compiled from some of our favorite billiards customer orders and a few we’ve come up with on our own, check them out and stick them on your team shirts or jerseys for that upcoming tournament or team event!

Funny and Creative Pool/Billiards Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Rock Out With Your Chalk Out
Pokin ‘n Hopin’

Chalk is Cheap
Stick it to ‘Em

Chalk & Awe

Full Cue

Just the Tip

Lounge Lizards

Blurred Vision

We’re Solids Right?

Snookin’ for Love

Rack Lovers

Pocket Prowlers

Nice Rack

Balls to the Wall

On Cue

Itch You Can’t Scratch

Clean Break

8 Balls

Sunshine in My Pocket

In the Bag

Billiards Wizards

Kidney Walk (NKF) Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Are you participating in a National Kidney Foundation Walk or a fundraising run and need some inspiration for your team t-shirts? We’ve put together a list of creative team names for your group or team fighting kidney disease. Collected from some of our customers and a few we came up on our own, these names should help lift spirits and motivate fundraisers with a touch of humor and creativity.

Creative & Inspiring Kidney Walk Team Names

Keepin’ it Renal

Little Beans

Rolling Stones

Kidneys in Kind

Dialysis Defeaters

Transplant Trotters

Kidney Kickers

Recycle Life

Dialysis Schmyalysis

Super Kidneys

Renal Runts

Kidney Kruisers

The Perfect Pair

Sharing Kidneys is Caring

Dare to Share

Cool Beans

Got Potassium?

This Too Shall Pass

Urine Our Thoughts

Kidney Stoners

Motivational Wrestling Quotes and Sayings for Team T-Shirts

wrestling slogans t shirt iron on transfer

for an inspiring or motivational t-shirt quote or saying for your wrestling team? We’ve compiled some of our favorites, provided by some of our customers, along with a few we’ve come up with on our own. They’re great to put on your custom wrestling t-shirts and sweats.

Wrestling T Shirt Slogans & Sayings

Never give up. Never surrender.

Take down. Break down. PIN.

“I shoot, I score. He shoots, I score.”
-Dan Gable

Toughest six minutes there is!

99% is good enough… Just not good enough to beat me.

“Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”
-Dan Gable

No guts, no glory.

Respect all. Fear none.

“The only thing you deserve is what you earn”
-Tom Brands

Wrestling is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you are tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.