The local world cup

In 2014, a new generation of young talents, led by Hames Rodriguez, emerged. They broke into the last eight of the Brazilian World Cup at one stroke, and then wrote the team’s best record in history. They also won the fair play award of the local world cup. Time flies and has experienced nearly two years. Ten years of hard work and exploration today, Colombia, football, finally, gradually, the dispute between glass and crime, love of scoba, tragedy never forgotten by the world, but perhaps indirectly, it is this that contributes to the football of this country.

This society has learned to reflect from endless pain and suffering, change, and finally, after the bloody rebirth, in this South American world preliminary, Colombia’s promotion journey, ah, is far from smooth. In the second round, they lost 3-0 away to Uruguay. Then, they drew from Chile and lost at home. Fortunately, Argentina’s team won five victories and one draw in six games against three teams in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, which helped them to stabilize the situation on the scoreboard and finally risk as the fourth place in South America. Looking back to the 2014 World Cup, Colombia’s new talent Hames Rodriguez, ah, that is, when Ronaldo was born in the air, he not only won six goals in five games, but also won the golden boot. When facing Uruguay in the eighth finals, he stopped the ball in the chest at the front of the forbidden area and volleyed in the air. The goal breaking world wave was also selected as the best goal of the year by the illegal official and won the 2014 Pascal prize. This group of stars became the number one star chased by European giants that summer. However, his development after landing at the Bernabeu was not satisfactory.

Although there was a brief flash, it was still difficult to integrate into the three field system. This naked eye was gradually reduced to a marginal figure in the galaxy warship. Fortunately, last summer, Bayern Munich, the German giants, threw olive branches to him to rent them first and then buy them. They attracted their subordinates with their merits. Coach heinx’s return to the head of this logical state is also quickly activated.