verbal agreement

After knowing what the previous verbal agreement is, let’s judge who is right and who is wrong. We mainly talk about the later things, and the occurrence of the latter events. Then, due to the articles published by Di and Ron Brooks, the Grizzlies and igorda spears are facing each other openly. Curie ah, this is mainly to say that the wall of a DA, Lang ah sent a tweet picture and text, is, igordala won the championship in the 15-16 season, a photo of F MVP supported a broken, ah, on the matter of their own views, this matter is not over. Well, after curry finished, Morant’s rookie Morant issued another picture of Durant’s 1718 season and 1819 season’s F MVP photos, it didn’t cry. What happened to you? Kuri forced to brush the sense of existence and attracted a wave of black powder to himself. However, we have to say, but through this incident, you can see several key points. First, the key Curie and igordala, the feelings are really good, they are really good, they are really hungry, they are brotherhood, igordala is in trouble, Curie reaches out to help, the next day you can To see igordala.

But if he wants to join a championship level team, he doesn’t want to be traded by the Grizzlies at will. Even, he thinks she should be bought out and join a championship team. Third, you can see that igordala is still very concerned about the warriors. Concern also gave great hope to the warriors. He even wanted to be bought out, and then he directly went to China to form the champion team of the warriors. In fact, the warriors now have nothing short of curry Thomson and green, plus an answer. They are, will, nearly one thing, Russell now in the Timberwolves this transaction may mediate, then I as my personal NBA, smelly cobbler, I hope the warriors can be bold, throw a lot of money, can put their courage and courage out again. On Monday, Russell, the Timberwolves, won the Tang lion. Of course, I think it’s very difficult, so it needs courage and courage. In this way, the warriors can return to the peak. The west is very chaotic. Yes, let it be more wonderful.