You have Zhang Liang’s plan, I have the wall ladder and the “yesterday reappearance” of little sanahan

In the first “double Red Cross” in history, Andy Reid won his first super bowl as manager, and the chief won the Super Bowl 50 years later! If there is a winning or losing curve in this war, it must be ups and downs and magnificent:

The first wave:

49 people took the lead at the beginning. A Bosa solo attack and a line guard raid in the defense group put pressure on mahames and forced him to rush to the third gear. In the attack group, it was a fake run, two take over runs, and a cover in the outside area. The rich tactics made the chief lose one after another. The advantage of this was that the defense group of the chief increased the proportion of the raid to create pressure and prevented 49 people from attacking first Wave array.

The second wave:

49 man area defense is hard to break, full of power, what should Andy reed do? Most teams in the League walk first and then pass. In this game, Reid first looks for hill from the short pass to finish catching the ball, creating a short-range conversion opportunity, and then completes the three gear conversion with the road attack. The second move is to use more rpoS, Kyle xillie turns inside on both wings, becoming a defense weapon in the area of breaking 49 players. More than 49 players have fake running and real passing, and mahoms’ fake running and real passing are fast going out The hand is sharp. Then a quarterback’s emergency line shot, a wildcat over the fourth gear, a reading option shot to the array.

Before the game, we often talked about two important points, and the fact is also two illusions: a. the chief has no road attack; B. Reid’s tactics are not as good as shaanahan. Results in the first half, two four gears and one yard, a sudden change of wildcat and a reading option, showed Andy Reid’s plan B to deal with the difficulties – a changing attack.

After the chieftain defense team came on the court, Chris Jones broke away from the protection of Mike Persson, the right guard of 49 people, and made a panic. Mike pernell, another passer on the inside, hit garropollo, and the latter forced to take a cut. The score opened to an array. What’s more, it seems that the chieftain’s offensive and defensive tactics all occupied the commanding height.