Kidney Walk (NKF) Team Names iron on transfers for t shirts

Are you participating in a National Kidney Foundation Walk or a fundraising run and need some inspiration for your team t-shirts? We’ve put together a list of creative team names for your group or team fighting kidney disease. Collected from some of our customers and a few we came up on our own, these names should help lift spirits and motivate fundraisers with a touch of humor and creativity.

Creative & Inspiring Kidney Walk Team Names

Keepin’ it Renal

Little Beans

Rolling Stones

Kidneys in Kind

Dialysis Defeaters

Transplant Trotters

Kidney Kickers

Recycle Life

Dialysis Schmyalysis

Super Kidneys

Renal Runts

Kidney Kruisers

The Perfect Pair

Sharing Kidneys is Caring

Dare to Share

Cool Beans

Got Potassium?

This Too Shall Pass

Urine Our Thoughts

Kidney Stoners

Motivational Wrestling Quotes and Sayings for Team T-Shirts

wrestling slogans t shirt iron on transfer

for an inspiring or motivational t-shirt quote or saying for your wrestling team? We’ve compiled some of our favorites, provided by some of our customers, along with a few we’ve come up with on our own. They’re great to put on your custom wrestling t-shirts and sweats.

Wrestling T Shirt Slogans & Sayings

Never give up. Never surrender.

Take down. Break down. PIN.

“I shoot, I score. He shoots, I score.”
-Dan Gable

Toughest six minutes there is!

99% is good enough

T-shirt Anniversaries by IronOnSticker!


How about saying “Happy Anniversary!” with a custom t-shirt?

That’s exactly what our customer Jae did.

He has used the power of custom t-shirts to celebrate each anniversary with his wife of 4 years. Jae designed a custom tee to commemorate their first anniversary, and took a photo of himself and his lovely wife wearing the shirts on their special day. For their second anniversary, he placed that very photo on a new custom t-shirt.? Each year, the photo in that year’s shirt design shows the couple wearing the previous year’s shirt.

So now in year four of their marriage, we have a photo of the couple wearing this year’s shirts