Mlb24 live video Yankee vs Dodge

New York Yankees travel to Southern California to Challenge League of nations overlord Los Angeles Dodgers, the first in a series of three games between the two sides. Tencent sports will broadcast the game live, welcome fans to watch at that time.

Review of war situation

Yankee has just been swept in three series with the sportsman, losing four in a row. However, Yankee is still leading the league with 83-46 loss, especially in the east area of the league, which has an obvious leading advantage, and has 8.0 victories in spite of the second place. Young has scored the most 756 points in the league in the base season.

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In fact, dodge can determine to dominate the League of nations West for the seventh consecutive season, because they have already led the rattlesnakes in the sub division by as much as 20.5 games. Today, after beating Bluebird for three consecutive wins, the team achieved 85 wins and 44 losses, and was the only team in the league with a winning rate of more than 65%. The Dodger team has a total score of 714 points and is the only team in the National League that has scored more than 700 points.

Match point

The two sides of the competition are undoubtedly the two most popular giants in the top 30 of the major league. They are the top two of the United States and the League of nations. In addition, the two teams are the best teams in the two leagues at present, so they can be called the strongest team, the strongest team, and can not be missed.

Singapore printing packaging and logo Exhibition

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Banner Customization 03-2

PP + s will become an ideal channel to attract professional merchants from all over the world.

Thousands of major resolution plan buyers and potential business partners will gather here. They include advertising / media companies, architects, commercial / digital / newspaper printers, corporate (multinational and small and medium-sized enterprises), design consultants / companies, educational institutions, government agencies, graphic designers, importers / exporters, on-demand printing shops, publishing houses / printing factories, logo and display manufacturers, network / multimedia designers, Internet to Direct buyer of the print operation.

Distribution share of exhibitors: 57% of exhibitors are from Singapore, and the other 43% are from 10 overseas countries. Overseas professional buyers are distributed all over the world

Last exhibition planning: there are 300 exhibitors, 12000 purchasers and visitors, with a total exhibition area of 12550 square meters.

The printing pack sign exhibition in Singapore is held by BizLink group. The exhibition is held once a year. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the Singapore market. The last printing pack sign exhibition in Singapore attracted 300 exhibitors and 12000 merchants. The exhibition is held in M Binhai Bay Sands Exhibition Center, Singapore Held by Arina Bay Sands, the exhibition covers an area of 12550 square meters.

On January 21, many fans are just about to start a busy day. In an NBA game this morning, grizzlies, who won 7 consecutive games and rushed to the eighth place in the west, are facing the pelican challenge today. Pelican’s injury situation has improved recently, and Holliday is back after 15 days of recuperation. It also paves the way for today’s team to play bravely. At the end of half-time, they will lead the opponent by 69-50 points.


At the end of the game, the Grizzlies did not lose the suspense. They chased all the way and made the difference to 5 points at the last moment, but they did not go any further. Redick’s three points dampened the Grizzlies’ last hope. Young player Morant’s last-minute five point play must be enjoyed by fans and friends. In this game, he has cut 16 + 9 double doubles, which is often praised by fans and external media. It is also a normal play. At the last moment, the breakthrough caused 2 + 1, which made the game that had already been played in suspense.

Talk about Grizzlies, a team that has been sleeping for many years. Since the era of black and white double evils, it has been regarded as a weak team by fans and friends. This season they have traded 30 million Mr Conley, the absolute core of the team. Originally thought by the outside world to have begun to put rotten continue to win the Lotto show, but now they quietly climbed to the eighth position in the West. January 21, a wave of seven consecutive wins is even more surprising to the fans. This? Or the Grizzlies I know? And all this, also owe to this year’s top – ranking Jia – Morant, that under one person, more than ten thousand men.

vinyl letter stickers

NBA All Star Game

NBA officials announced the results of the third and final round of voting. LeBron of the Lakers continued to lead the way, while Dong Qiqi of the lone ranger and brother lettered of the Bucks ranked second and third respectively.

The results showed that LeBron (4.74 million) and dongqiqi (4.59 million), alphabet brother (4.47 million) and Anthony Davis (4.41 million) were more than 4 million players.

With a huge advantage, the Bucks’ letter elder brother has actually locked in the eastern captain’s place, and he has nearly twice the number of votes of the second-largest player in the East, sikam (2.43 million). At the same time, if LeBron can keep his lead over East Bridge, he will be captain of the West.


In the Western backcourt, the Rockets’ Hadden (2.93 million), trailblazer’s Lillard (0.98 million), Lakers’ Caruso (0.89 million), Rockets’ wesbrook (0.83 million) and warriors’ Curie (0.81 million) are next to Dongqi.

In the west front court, LeBron and Davis continue to lead, followed by the Clippers’ Leonard (2.97 million), Clippers’ George (1.17 million), Nuggets’ Jokic, trailblazers’ Anthony and lone Rangers’ polzingis.

In the eastern front court, besides the alphabet Gore and sICAM, followed by the 76’s enbid (2.39 million), the heat’s Butler (2.04 million), the Celtic’s Tatum and the Celtic’s fall.