“Anthony Wade, please don’t laugh at me!”

n the recent Ig joint live broadcast, Anthony and wade talked about the past and joked about Milicic, who was also named “the top pick in the water” for the 2003 draft, which also caused different repercussions. And Milicic himself, today, responded to this joke: “I don’t think they fully understand my stories. They will thank God for everything, but I won’t. We are all adults. We hope that they will be more mature. Don’t judge or laugh at others. Give them the best wishes, because I don’t think they are bad people. ” Milicic’s words are really good, at least at the level of a “Hall”.

But seriously, this guy may not be as embarrassed as the public knows. When the little emperor and melon were known as the “peerless double pride” in 2003, the talented center of Serbia and Montenegro, who was under 18 years old and was rising in Europe, attracted the attention of the piston team. Dumas, then president of the piston, regarded Milicic as the next Nowitzki, jumped Anthony at the draft conference, and decisively selected him with the No. 2 sign.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by two women’s hockey teams

?hockey players in China.

The official announcement is as follows:

To prepare for the novel coronavirus pneumonia World Championships in Poland in late March 2020, the National Women’s hockey team went to the United States to train and participated in the from February 14th to 18th Challenge Cup hockey competition in Washington. The original team went directly to Poland from the United States to participate in the world championships. However, the new international competition was temporarily declared cancelled before the international ice League. A novel coronavirus pneumonia was returned to Beijing by 11 people in March 13th. The entry temperature was normal. The first time was followed by isolation and medical observation according to the requirements. Nucleic acid tests were performed at the end of the 14 day observation period, and two of the team members were positive, and then diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. At present, the two team members have been transferred to a special hospital arranged by the Beijing CDC for careful treatment and care. They are in light condition and in good condition. The rest of the team members continued to be isolated for further medical observation, and everything was normal.

Does Kuri match with the appointment teacher?

. Warriors next season’s main rotation lineup, which supporting role is more important now, the position and potential target that need reinforcement in summer?

In the last series of brain building team, we have some ideas about this problem. But the future of warriors is very variable, there are many choices, and there are still new situations. Affected by the epidemic, the salary cap of the League next season is not optimistic. Even if it is not lowered, it will not rise basically. Then the pressure of luxury tax of warriors will increase. It is not easy to say whether it will make warriors more inclined to choose conservative reinforcement strategy.

Another impact of the epidemic is that the salary space of the team under the hat has become smaller, and the consumption capacity of the free market has declined as a whole, which is a good thing for the warrior. Because the warrior has no space to consume in the free market, on the contrary, it makes the mini middle-class contract of the warrior more competitive.

We can’t predict the warriors’ lineup at present, but the idea of warriors’ team building should be based on “water flower + green”, and Wiggins should be included in the long-term plan. Then the warriors will surely enter the rotation configuration as follows:

Backcourt: curry, Thompson, Poole, Damien Lee

Forwards: green, Wiggins, Pascal

Inside: Rooney, Chris

That’s almost what the warriors will be able to use next season. For others, it’s a question mark whether smailakic can grow into a rotation player. Bowman, Anderson, Mulder, they signed a non guaranteed contract with warriors in the future, but the ability is the same thing. Under the condition of the team’s health, it’s not big to enter the rotation.

Correct recognition and prevention of new coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is being grim in recent days. In order to deepen our understanding of the new coronavirus, we have to answer some confusion about the new coronavirus, so that we can sort out the new coronavirus. We hope to help you understand the new coronavirus and make good protective measures.

  1. What are coronaviruses and new coronaviruses?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that are known to cause diseases that vary from common cold to severe lung infections, such as the Middle East respiratory syndrome (mers) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The novel coronavirus (novel coronavirus novel coronavirus) is a new coronavirus that has not been found in human beings. So the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV of Wuhan, China. NCoV.

  1. Can coronavirus spread from person to person?

Yes, some coronaviruses can be transmitted from person to person. People are usually infected after close contact with the infected person in places such as residence, workplace or medical institution.

  1. What are the symptoms of human infection with coronavirus?

Symptoms vary from virus to virus. Common signs include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea. In more serious cases, infection can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, renal failure, and even death.

  1. Can a novel coronavirus be treated?

Novel coronavirus induced diseases are not currently available for specific treatment. But many symptoms can be treated, so it needs to be treated according to the clinical situation of patients. In addition, supplementary care for infected people may be very effective.

Landscape analysis of ancient town series oil painting

Throughout the ancient and modern times, the creative themes of those who have made great achievements have a distinct subject. In the selection of themes, Ma Jianmao also hesitated. He once tried to create a series of portraits of miners with characters as the creation objects. Sunflowers and ports have become the objects of his artistic practice. As a young painter, it is very important to find a unique artistic language and establish his own distinctive painting style. It not only represents the artist’s painting character, but also establishes the artist’s aesthetic ideal and artistic pursuit. “The object of painting is just a carrier, in fact, it is mainly a feeling for ancient buildings and old objects. It is precisely this kind of ancient Jiangnan Town with historical sites that has its own image characteristics and my painting language has a certain fit, which is also the main reason why I choose the ancient Jiangnan town as the object of expression,” he said In a sense, this kind of fit makes his painting potential to play, and artistic emotions find a carrier. The historical block bears the happiness, anger, sorrow, sadness and reunion of generations. An old street in the picture is a section of history. The hustle and bustle of the street corner seemed to linger in the ear; a yard, several bluestone roads, can recall people’s childhood memories. The scene in the picture has been turned into the image in the painter’s heart, not the simple representation of the objective image, but the artist’s perception of nature and experience of life. The true portrayal formed in the deep heart is a kind of feeling, a kind of heart image, a “bamboo in the heart”, a “heart source” after “teacher-made”.

What about NFL champions’ refusal to visit the White House?

  1. NFL ratings declined steadily: 9% in 2017 compared with 2016; 9% in 2016 compared with 2015.
  2. The NFL stopped insisting on “freedom of speech” and just announced that it would not allow kneeling next season (violators will be fined, and the team will be fined), and people who would not stand and sing the National Anthem would stay in the dressing room.
  3. Hei’s kneeling ancestor, C. kaep, has not been hired by the team until the end. To the satisfaction of all the NBA warriors, the Hawks did not want to go to the White House because of the reason why most of them (NYT reports also said 10 of them could be rumor). Trump’s invitation to return should be a happy ending. But just like the script of last year’s warriors, the eagles who have already indicated that they will not go to the White House have jumped out one by one to cringe baby, as if they have fulfilled their requirements but are not right.

Because kneeling down, NFL and Trump’s relationship is rigid. The media has been fanning the flames and treating kneeling as a show of political confrontation with the president. To the satisfaction of all the NFL teams and the media, the hawk is going to go to the White House. Why not make it trump and make a decent step? NBA and NFL are willing to act as Democratic Party trump leaders and take the initiative and put their hearts into political struggles, and regard sports as political weapons and Trump’s knocking.

Enjoy Picasso oil painting, from this article!

Pablo Picasso (October 25, 1881-april 8, 1973) is a Spanish painter, sculptor and member of the French Communist Party. He is the founder of modern art and the main representative of Western modernist painting. Picasso is the most creative and influential artist in the west, and the greatest artistic genius in the 20th century.

One of Picasso’s most famous portraits, the crying woman

The crying woman describes a woman who is in pain and crying. She holds a handkerchief over her face and wants to catch her tears.

This common image of pain is described by Picasso’s early analysis of cubism and flattening style; it is characterized by the use of the angular shape of the main face and overlapping pieces, as if drawing from different angles at the same time. To emphasize the two-dimensional nature of the work, Picasso did not attempt to create “depth” in the painting, using linear perspective or any type of modeling / shading, such as contrast between light and shade. They always open their eyes and stare, symbolizing the extent of her grief.

The girl of Avignon places objects of different angles on the same plane by collage. Boldly divide and combine the human body, full of primitive breath.

Is there a superstar fault in NBA? Why?

It doesn’t exist at all. The so-called: the black and white double evils in the 1980s, how strong the one God in the 1990s, the four centers, the great pre prosperity, and the four divisions. But in modern times, beyond James and Durant (and maybe rose before the big injury), there are almost no superstars. What is the cause of the present giant fault? Byrd and the magician, half a century has come out of these two. What are the four Fenwei? I haven’t heard of that. Power forward heyday is the beginning of the 21st century that Duncan kg webrashid, but Dirk is now absolutely superior to Weber and Rashid in terms of historical status. In the past, those superstars were washed out by time. In more than half a century, there was only a Chamberlain, a Russell, a skyhook, a Jordan, a pair of Byrd and magicians, not one every three or five years. Cross era technology is to play hooligans. Let Bonner be an all star every year in the 1950s. So later, it’s called spell redundancy. Now these people. LeBron claims to be the top four in history. It’s too early to say now, but by the time he retires, it’s quite possible. If Durant doesn’t get hurt, it’s possible to approach the top ten when he retires. You know, there are regular season MVPs in small forwards, that is, he, Byrd, LeBron and Dr. J.

In terms of active service, Duncan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron are basically in the top ten in history. Kg, Dirk and Duncan can can basically win three seats in the first six leagues of power forward history, only patty, postman and Barkley can compare with them. Kobe Bryant and wade can basically lock in two of the top four shooting guards in history. Only Jordan and West are comparable. When LeBron and Durant retire, they may be able to share the history of four power forwards with Byrd and Dr. J. The progress of Paul, Wayne, Curie and rose depends on the injury condition, but the former Kidd and Nash who are still playing are basically stable. That doesn’t include Anthony Davis, a monster that could be big in the future.

The latest news, Durant and other four basketball players were confirmed to be positive for the new crown virus

First of all, the league has not yet forced every NBA player to carry out a new crown virus test. This test also bypassed the relevant departments and found a private organization.

Second, the nets were tested after they returned from San Francisco. They had another game to play with warriors on Thursday local time. At that time, warriors had confirmed that the game would be empty, but the game was postponed indefinitely due to the sudden suspension of NBA. Although the game didn’t play, as Cole said, he didn’t know if there was private contact between the players.

Third, the time of sending the nets for inspection is the result of last weekend and today’s local time.

Fourth, the five teams that the nets have played recently are the Lakers, the bulls, the Spurs and the Grizzlies.