Changxinchong – high definition heat transfer film

Compared with traditional plate printing, heat transfer printing is a new printing process, which is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The process is very decorative and can greatly increase the added value of products.

The heat transfer film is a kind of special functional printing film with adhesive. Under the action of heat and pressure, it is separated from the carrier film together with the release layer and firmly transferred on the substrate surface.

Heat transfer film refers to a special functional printing film that prints patterns (in fact, pictures and texts with release agent, protective layer and adhesive) on the surface of the film in advance. Under the combined action of heating and pressure, pictures and texts are separated from the carrier film and firmly attached to the surface of the substrate.

High definition heat transfer film is a new type of heat transfer film. It is a new type of heat transfer film with thick pattern ink layer, strong covering power, high overprinter precision and high color reduction. Compared with the traditional heat transfer film, it has more advantages of environmental protection, strong three-dimensional sense of pattern after hot stamping, and it can realize the personalized customized printing with variable data.

Secondly, because the high-definition heat transfer film adopts the way of full digital typesetting, it does not need to make a printing plate roller, which greatly reduces the cost burden of the manufacturer, but also greatly shortens the whole production cycle (the fastest delivery can be achieved within 24 hours); its production process adopts stable and reliable printing technology such as electronic photography, which realizes the real output of 1200dpi resolution and the four bits of 1200x3600dpi It can print natural and lifelike pure color and mixed color with variable dot density and up to 240lpi of mesh line. It can restore clear and sharp details accurately. In order to distinguish it from traditional heat transfer film, it is called high-definition heat transfer film.

Why do Feixiong choose short fight here?

I’m also a new baseball player. The following answer is my own subjective judgment. It’s only for reference. You are welcome to criticize and correct me. Both of them use touch after two exits. The difference is that in the situation of Wu Hanmin, there is no one on the base, and in the situation of Keqiang, there is someone on the third base. In fact, after two outs, they usually don’t use touch, because the defenders will give priority to the hitters, and the use of touch is very easy to be blocked. I personally think that Wu Hanmin’s use of touch is “suicide”. There is no one on two bases. Using touch is no different from “suicide”.

Maybe he wants to win in the second half of the ninth inning (however, he didn’t know that baseball started from the second half of the ninth inning (funny)). But the situation of Keqiang is different. Before Keqiang hits, the coach sends out a signal. The signal should be to let Keqiang’s first two balls not hit or swing in the air, the third ball touch, and the third base runner directly runs back to home base (it can be seen that the third base runner has run to home base before the third ball is hit out). This is undoubtedly a very risky tactic. Once the hitter is blocked at first base and the score is invalid, this tactic is to bet that he will not be blocked. Later, it was explained in the cartoon that Wu Hanmin was unable to complete the blocking because of his poor physical strength due to excessive throwing, although it was a bit far fetched. But I think it’s nice to see Anta again.

Previous US presidents kick off for MLB

According to the tradition of American politics, since President William Howard Taft in 1910, successive presidents will kick off the MLB at least once, which may be the opening game, all star game or world series.

William Howard Taft

  1. William Howard Taft (1909-1913), 27th president of the United States. In 1912, the MLB opened with a first goal at home in Washington.

woodrow wilson

2 Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) twenty-eighth president of the United States. The first goal of the home game in Washington in 1916.

Warren G. Harding

  1. Warren G. Harding (1921-1923), the 29th president of the United States. On April 12, 1922, he made his first pitch at home in Washington.

Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929), 30th president of the United States. The first goal of the opening home game in Washington on April 24, 1928.

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), the 31st president of the United States. One day in the early 1930’s the first ball was thrown.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945) was the 32nd president of the United States for four consecutive terms. On October 1, 1932, the Chicago Cubs scored the first goal in the third home game of the world series against Yankees in New York. (Babe Ruth played one of the best home runs in the history of the World Series)

Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman (1945-1953), 33rd president of the United States. The first president to throw the first ball with his left hand in a baseball game.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961), 34th President of the United States. On September 28, 1955, he scored the first goal in the world series against Brooklyn dodge in Yankee, New York. On both sides of the president are Yankee team manager Casey Stengel and Dodger team manager Walter Alston.

What’s the way to send the code in baseball?

Basically, the rules of secret code follow the rules without rules. It is important that they are confidential and there is no barrier for communication between the teams. Basically, the code of every game is different. For example, touching nose this time is a touch, but touching nose in the next game has no meaning. Before the game starts, the coach will tell the players the secret code of the game. If the secret code is too simple, the decryption rate of the other team will be higher, which is not good for the team; if the secret code is too complicated, it is also a trouble for the team members.

In addition, there’s nothing wrong with creating some secret codes, but basically everyone’s methods and ideas of making secret codes are the same. For example, the basic catch code is based on fingers (falling in two tracks and three times), and the base running instructor basically uses actions (touching nose, stealing base, touching ear and canceling) to express the code of base runner and batter. But there is no such a system as touching the belly is stealing bases After all, what we all know is not a code.

Is there a draft year in the history of NFL Draft comparable to that of NBA 96 / 03?

There has never been a lack of classic talent shows in the history of NFL. The examples of ancient times are not cited, only the cases after 1980.

1983: in the first round, six record quarterbacks were selected, among which three players were selected into the Professional Football Hall of fame, John Elway, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly. Any one put into any draft, is the star of popular expectation. With these three, this talent show has become famous. Then any so-called quarterback year will be compared with 1983. 1989: top five in the first round, four of them entered the hall of fame. Troy Aikman, the champion, helped the cowboys to win the super bowl three times later. He got a Super Bowl MVP and entered the all star six times. The Scout show is Barry Sanders, one of the greatest running guards in NFL history, and the first man in Detroit’s team history. Fourth ranking derrick Thomas is a famous rushing beast, keeping the record of seven times of catching and killing in a single NFL game. In fifth place, deion Sanders is an amphibious star in rugby and baseball.

1993: produced four Hall of fame players, including Michael Strahan, Willie roaf, will shields and Jerome Bettis. People like John Lynch and Lorenzo Neal are very high-level players. Even in the last round, there will be two all star quarterbacks, Elvis grbac and Trent green. As for drew Bledsoe, the top pick of the New England Patriots, there is no need to tell more about the story. 2000: there are countless stars and stories. Brian Urlacher, John Abraham, Shaun Alexander, Shane lechler, etc. are all big names in the history of NFL. The Oakland Raiders picked janikowski in the first round, and the Polish cannon became the first full-time player since 1966 to be selected in the first round. Of course, in this year’s 199th ranking, the birth of NFL history of a superstar, Tom Brady.

Does the Super Bowl match really stimulate NBA finals to learn from?

The annual Super Bowl kicks off in Minnesota. It’s a big day for American sports fans, and even the NBA has made way for it.

Super Bowl, known as the “American Spring Festival Gala”, every day, from the general public to the president’s stars, at this time, you have to put down what you have to do first, or go to the scene to watch the war, or wait in front of the TV to enjoy this national Carnival sports feast.

Before the seventh game of the 2016 NBA Finals, LeBron James said in an interview: “such a game (the seventh game of the finals) is really cool. It’s like a super bowl. You’ll be looking forward to it when a game is decided.” Would it be more exciting and exciting to change NBA finals to super bowl instead of seven game four win system?

Competition system makes Super Bowl more exciting

When it comes to the Super Bowl competition system, first of all, we need to learn how the two teams participating in the NFL Super Bowl each year come into being.

The NFL (National Football League) has 32 teams, which are divided into the American Football Association (AFC) and the National Football Association (NFC). Each Federation consists of four divisions in the East, West, North and south. Each division has four teams.

At the end of the regular season, each Federation will have six teams in the playoffs, four champions from each division, and the two “foreign card” teams with the best performance of the remaining teams. In the end, the two federations will produce their own champions, the two teams in the super bowl.

Different from the NBA Finals, the super bowl is a game system. The official competition time is 60 minutes, divided into the first half and the second half, with 4 sections of 15 minutes each. If both sides draw at the end of the competition time, they will enter the overtime match, which is also a 15 minute period. In extra time, we need to toss a coin again to decide whether to attack or defend. The first team to reach the array is the winner. In 2017, the super bowl was played by the Patriots against the falcons, and the two teams entered the overtime match. The Patriots completed the 25 point reversal and finally won.

What good ads can you make with VR?

In 2016, Macon New York decided to do something different for its customers. Together, they revamped the windows of school buses and drove in the Washington area of the United States during the science and technology festival.

By using 3D and vr virtual reality technology, nearly 200 square miles of Martian surface are projected on the windows, which are built by the same software used in the most advanced video games today. Children don’t need to wear earphones or 3D glasses to have a direct view of Mars.

In addition to the first school bus with Mars experience in real life, an app called “Hello Mars” is also on-line at the same time, which can not only let children “get to” Mars, but also help children find the location of Mars in the sky, and real-time understand the weather conditions above.

But for the New York office, although it has top-notch creative personnel, naked VR, window transformation, 3D effect It’s like pushing yourself to death.

All, from a insomnia

With the release of the films “gravity” and “Star Trek” in this year, two private companies in the United States, SpaceX and blue origin, successively put the aircraft into space orbit. The universe, in 2014 the United States has become a super hot word.

At 2 a.m. in 2014, after watching a TV show about space travel, Josh Grossberg, the creative director of Macon New York, lost sleep.

He thought of his client, Lockheed Martin. As early as 1976, the company successfully assisted the U.S. government to build viking-1, becoming the first spacecraft to land on Mars. Now Lockheed Martin is planning a Orion capsule to send humans to Mars in 2028.

The creative director felt that the space Renaissance was too good for his clients because their national education program accounted for 50% of the company’s total charity budget.

Durant and Jordan 1v1 who is stronger?

When watching the “dunk master” county conference, I felt that Liu Chuanfeng’s attack was inextricable, and there was no doubt to single out fairyland. Until the game against zengbei, the skills of those thieves who usually brush in front of zengbei had become a flaw, and there was no way to break through. At that time, I understood that the world in the eyes of top players was totally different from us. In my opinion, compared with Jordan’s attack, his defensive ability is seriously underestimated. Most people only remember his best defensive player and nine defenders for a while. To know that he still has three seasons of stealers, third in the history of steals (the top two are Stockton and Kidd), we need to know that the last shot in 1998 started from the break. Jordan is also one of the most capped defenders in history (the other is Wade).

But these are only the results of explicit defense, that is, the statistics of accounting, which do not include the impact of defense on the attack efficiency of the opponent.

So, let’s start with the defense today. Durant has certain advantages in height and arm span (2.25m) in terms of physical condition and sports ability, but in fact, his sports ability is not excellent, not only in terms of speed or bounce, but also in terms of the largest short board strength. Jordan’s arm spread of 2.18 meters, but the 100m speed within 11 seconds, 116Cm bounce, as well as the top strength in the guard (lying push 150kg), makes him not only able to defend the smart guard players, even the dislocation defense of the big power players will not suffer too much.

How to do outdoor advertisement under epidemic situation?

I have been saying that the relationship between the life and death of advertising media companies and the epidemic situation is really not very big. Unless you are sick or weak, crisis = business opportunity = fighter; I firmly believe that there will be advertising media companies that will survive the epidemic, but grow and grow; we should know that enterprise bankruptcy, layoff, unemployment and salary reduction are always there, the fittest survive, weak Eliminate it! It’s not that there is an epidemic today. It includes many, such as outdoor advertising media enterprises, your business, your team, innovative profit model, advertising sales tools, and the product effect integration of value media resources, especially advertising creative planning, services, professionals, talents, etc. if you are a troublemaker, the tide will fade away and you will run naked. Outdoor advertising wins in creativity. How to do outdoor advertising creativity in the epidemic?

The way of enterprise advertising communication under the epidemic situation: is it serious to expose the brand under the epidemic situation? Some people may say that the current national crisis is critical, but you still think about brand promotion, is it the virus? However, under the epidemic situation, the patients need treatment, the disaster area needs assistance, and the normal operation of frustrated enterprises, of course, also need to actively seek a way out of self-help. In the big sense, it is to better assume social responsibility, in the small sense, it is to pay the employees. And brand building is the top priority of business operation at any time, even more valuable during the epidemic. A mask with 3M label is more precious than gold at present.

How do new people interview for advertising positions?

Just a newcomer, I can’t give much advice. I think you can try to get a rough understanding of professional terms. For those on the first floor who say CPA, you can check online. In addition, I think that putting in needs to be bold, careful and flexible. Advertising creativity is a direction that can be cultivated, and the dissection of products and audiences is another direction. For example, you can quickly analyze the selling points of the products launched, the characteristics of the audience, and come up with advertising ideas that interest this part of the audience. These are the work that needs to be done before the official launch. In fact, I don’t think there are too many theories to learn about advertising, but more to realize in the actual work, so what newcomer can prepare is nothing more than the basic understanding of the industry and advertising, as well as the above-mentioned ability of analysis and creativity.

In fact, there are many things in the advertising industry. First of all, he has a lot of jargon. CPA CPM CPI ECPM, publication price, etc. There are many things that you can prepare before the interview. First of all, the overview of the industry. You go to interview advertising. If you have no previous experience in advertising, you need to know about the industry. What are the companies in this industry? What are the current advertising efforts? What skills are needed. In the early stage, you can familiarize yourself with the terms of these advertisements. Also familiar with the advertising law. If you have these preparations and communicate with the interviewer, he will think that you are really interested in joining the industry, and he may give you some opportunities. If you don’t understand anything. Just say. I want to join the advertising industry because I like it. If you were an interviewer, would you let yourself pass?