Would you mind not advertising?

We talked about the significance of advertising. In fact, through the scale effect, to a large extent, it can effectively reduce the average cost of a single commodity and thus reduce the price of the commodity. However, there is a necessary premise for all this to be realized, that is, advertising can play these roles.

What if an enterprise can achieve scale effect and form a brand without advertising? So can it achieve a cheap price without advertising?

The answer is yes!

The most typical case is Xiaomi mobile phones of the previous two generations. At that time, Xiaomi was born out of nowhere. It was a typical example of scale effect without advertising. At that time, the iPhone in the mobile phone market was more than 5000, and the flagship prices of HTC, Samsung and moto were about 4000. The price of Xiaomi 1999 configured in the flagship was like a nuclear bomb, so why did Xiaomi dare to hit the dimension reduction in 1999 What about the price?

One important reason is that Xiaomi’s cost structure is not the same. At that time, Xiaomi did not have advertising and related channel expenditure, and did not need huge advertising expenditure to maintain its scale.

How does Xiaomi achieve scale effect without advertising?

There are two reasons:

The first is that Xiaomi’s trump card is word-of-mouth marketing and Internet Marketing under the premise of high-performance configuration. “Born for fever” Xiaomi generation press conference invited half of the Internet circle. This kind of detonation effect is even better than many huge advertising fees.

Second, Xiaomi chose to focus on a mobile phone when moto, Samsung and HTC were all in the air and sea tactics at that time, so that resources could be concentrated. Under double factors, Xiaomi’s first generation sold 900000 yuan.

Metal heat transfer film, rich color, can be rapid formed during transfer

Consumers who are familiar with the thermal transfer film know that the origin of this product is China, and now it has registered a patent in China. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the thermal transfer film also needs to be improved. After continuous development and experiments, a metal thermal transfer film is finally produced and processed. This product is very different from the previous heat transfer film. The following part of the heat transfer machine will explain in detail what are the differences so that the buyer can understand.


The first metal heat transfer film is different from other products in terms of printing. This product needs to transfer the required pictures to the surface of the product through continuous heating and pressure during printing. Only when the metal heat transfer film and the surface of aluminum plate are integrated, can the product be successfully printed. And heat transfer film in the printing time there is no such trouble. Only a few molds are needed to make a brief end.

Second, the picture of metal heat transfer film is different from that of heat transfer film. Metal heat transfer film can print some pictures with rich and complex colors, as well as some pictures with gradual changes, which can meet any requirements of consumers in the picture. We can also know whether the quality of metal heat transfer film is qualified through the picture.

The third and most important one is speed. When using metal heat transfer machine to print metal heat transfer film, it not only requires more pages and rich colors of the product, but also requires one-time forming during transfer printing. There should be no mistakes. If one time is not successful, the second time can not be carried out. In that way, the specification data of the metal heat transfer film must have errors and can not be used.

What is the difference between heat transfer press and common heat transfer press

The heat transfer machine needs special heat transfer ink when transferring, and then uses heat transfer technology to transfer. Look at ink and print media in terms of hardware.

  1. The difference between ink. The heat transfer ink used in the heat transfer machine is a heat transfer product. The ink is needed for the heat transfer ink. The heat transfer machine is to transfer the design and text clearly to other products to be transferred. Heat transfer ink is often used in heat transfer machine. Compared with other dyes, the heat transfer ink is more colorful, dense and dense. Ordinary printer has low-grade ink and high-grade ink. The low-grade mode is full dissolved ink. This ink will not block the nozzle. It is easy to be absorbed by materials after spraying. The color is bright and bright, and the cost is low, but it is not waterproof, and it is easy to fade. When it is used on materials that need waterproof, it is not suitable. Generally, it is printing pictures and some ordinary color spraying business cards. It is high-grade Ink is a kind of dye that grinds the solid state into small particles and dissolves in a special solvent. This dye has the same properties as the dye we need to dye clothes. But he is the same color material in the conbpy paper hair color. The pigment ink itself is waterproof and will not be decomposed by ultraviolet rays, light and water resistant.
  2. Print media difference. The heat transfer machine has a kind of paper specially used for transfer printing. This kind of heat transfer paper uses special heat transfer ink t n’bo transfer the pattern to a special paper, and then uses temperature and pressure to transfer the pattern. The printer used by ordinary printer is ordinary copy paper and other conventional paper.

Ordinary printers can only be used on paper products, while heat transfer machines can also be used on clothing and other materials for transfer.

How does the heat transfer machine print the pattern on the clothes

We can see all kinds of patterns on our clothes. In fact, these patterns are transferred by heat transfer machine. So how does the heat transfer machine print the pattern on the clothes?

The transfer pattern of the heat transfer machine is actually the heat transfer technology, which is to find the pattern and transfer it to the clothes, of course, with transfer ink. The heat transfer technology of the heat transfer machine is actually used in the heat transfer printing at the beginning, but with the development of technology, the heat transfer technology is more and more widely. And the heat transfer machine is not only transferred to clothes, but also to plastics, ceramics, metals and other materials. Ink is also divided into heat press transfer type and heat sublimation transfer type.

The process of heat transfer printing machine is also called hot stamping. There are four types of hot stamping: high temperature hot stamping, low temperature hot stamping, flocking hot stamping and penetrating foaming hot stamping. Four kinds of heat transfer printing processes are suitable for different materials. High temperature hot stamping is used for cotton and mixed textile clothing; high temperature hot stamping process Tang afore’s effect is very soft and elastic; low temperature hot stamping is used for nylon and PU artificial leather, such as swimsuit, down jacket, leather gloves, etc. this hot stamping effect is the same as that of high temperature hot stamping, with good elastic effect; flocking hot stamping is better than the first two It can be applied to a wide range of areas, such as men’s and women’s stockings, clothing signs, three-dimensional effects of patterns, etc., which can be applied to a variety of color matching, with strong adhesion; permeating foaming hot stamping on jeans, cardigans, cotton, chemical fiber knitwear, etc., which has good air permeability and penetrates into the material, with strong three-dimensional sense, good raised texture, and soft hand feeling after scalding.

What is a heat transfer coating?

As many friends in the printing industry know, there are many heat transfer machines, such as plane hot stamping machine, high-pressure hot stamping machine, shake head hot stamping machine, toaster, baking tray machine, toaster and other heat transfer machines. But in the process of processing, according to the characteristics of heat transfer technology, all the items that need to be transferred must be coated first. The heat transfer coating has a strong high hardness adhesion and heat transfer The printing effect is clear, the color is gorgeous, the expressive force is strong, the reduction degree is good, has the application in the ceramics, the stone material, the metal and so on profession, can truly convey the original picture effect. The advantages of heat transfer chart coating are as follows:

  1. Even after repeated machine cleaning, the image will not fade, and the edge is still clear.
  2. Meet the requirements of green environmental protection and safety products.
  3. The paint can be firmly fixed on the coating
  4. It’s very firm, so it won’t be damaged.
  5. Transfer is non-proliferation, saving a lot of energy and improving the picture clarity.
  6. Stainless steel tableware, cutting tools, sanitary appliances, building ceramics and other industries are favored.

These are some of the advantages of coating materials before heat transfer machine processing.

A method of making heat transfer stickers

Background technology:

Heat transfer printing is a new printing process. Generally speaking, icons or labels can be printed directly on products by heat transfer printing, but special printing equipment is needed. For small-scale enterprises, such production mode costs a lot.

Because the release agent can not be separated from the polyester film layer or the ink layer well during the heat transfer printing, the ink on the ink layer is easy to remain in the PET polyester layer, or the release agent remains too much in the ink layer, which will cause the defects of uneven surface luster and color of the printed pattern after printing, and seriously affect the printing quality; moreover, the tolerance of the printed pattern is poor. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a new heat transfer sticker, which can be applied to different substrate by simply printing icon or label, so as to simplify operation, reduce cost, improve the quality and tolerance of the printed pattern.

Technical implementation elements:

The utility model aims to solve the problems existing in the prior art, and provides a simple and practical heat transfer sticker.

The utility model provides a heat transfer sticker, which comprises the following structural layers in turn:

(A) PET polyester layer;

(B) Polymer release agent layer;

(D) Ink layer;

(E) Hot melt adhesive layer.

Further, a (c) protective reinforcing layer is also included between (b) polymer release agent layer and (d) ink layer.

Further, the thickness of each structural layer is:

(A) PET polyester layer 75-80

The image of saints in the world famous painting the death of Marla

As one of the representative works of neoclassicism, David’s death of Marla is undoubtedly outstanding from the perspective of visual art. Whether it’s composition, color or light layout, they all have extraordinary image beauty. Jean Paul Marra, the protagonist of Jacques Louis David’s masterpiece the death of Mara, died on July 13, 1793.

As one of the representative works of neoclassicism, David’s painting is undoubtedly outstanding from the perspective of visual art. Whether it’s composition, color or light layout, they all have extraordinary image beauty. Through his extraordinary artistic creativity, David successfully packaged a violent autocratic politician as a merciful and selfless saint.

The death of Marla

Marla in the picture is quiet and serene, as if sleeping away, with a compassionate look. It’s impossible to imagine how he would like to cut off Louis XVI’s head with the eyes of a leopard. The light shone on his forehead and shoulders like marble. Like a hero from Michelangelo’s painting, he has strong arms, which fall to the ground feebly. He holds a feather pen with a broken tail in his hand. “The hero seems to be tired to sleep when he is working hard.”. The bloody knife fell to the ground. There was a small but fatal knife under the clavicle. The bleeding dyed the water in the bathtub red. A kind of introverted and shocking sadness came into being. It’s a pity to see such a picture. Such a small wound makes us lose a “great hero” forever.

Now the new year’s ads are exquisite enough to go to the cinema for new year’s Eve in minutes.

In 2013, oppo was still making a fortune, quietly making an advertisement: “enjoy freedom“.

The famous travel blogger Molly was chosen as the heroine. There is an amazing line in the film:

“I only worry about one thing,

Even before I die, I haven’t seen the whole world.

Freedom is,

No matter how long the road is, it will not take me 35 yards. “

This sentence, is the ultimate fate of Wenqing people to show off, is the value of life travelers pursue back to the ticket price, is the original version of poetry and distance.

2013 is a magical year for the advertising industry. At the other end of the earth, at the beginning of Greenwich mean time, John Lewis, a British department store with a history of more than 150 years, made a “special” Christmas commercial and harvested half of the earth’s tears.

There is no enlarged logo, no promotional gift box, no slogan three times, no strict duration, only warmth and innocence can create hundreds of millions of clicks. Every year, it becomes a regular performance of Christmas in England.

The Chinese advertising paparazzi got to know John Lewis from the man on the moon in 2015.

“This Christmas,

Tell the person you love,

They are missed. “

2017 the fantasy tour of Lilliputian

The moon looks big and round in foreign countries. When the peers lament that Chinese brands are chasing hot spots and catching up with stars, it’s oppo, who quietly took a “giant” good-looking New Year’s advertising film.

What are the bottlenecks in the promotion of high-speed inkjet printing?

As the saying goes well, the ideal is very full, the reality is very bone feeling, I believe that we are not unfamiliar with this sentence. Many things are well thought out, but it is difficult to realize. There are always many difficulties. It will take a certain time for any product to reach the market and blossom everywhere. For high-speed ink-jet printing, what bottlenecks will it encounter in reality?

No profitable business model yet found

It is a hot topic in recent years that how to profit from the investment of large format high-speed inkjet printing equipment.

At present, many customers are not unable to afford this kind of equipment, but wait and see with money, and wait for a more clear pattern of high-speed ink-jet printing next year before making a decision. Whether the high-speed ink-jet printing machine can be truly applied or not requires a suitable business model as a support to get sustained business.

Technical details need to be improved

At present, the ink-jet technology still has the situation of high cost of nozzle, low image quality and high requirements for paper. DFE digital front-end has a bottleneck in processing large format and variable data. In high-speed paper, the distance between the nozzle and the paper still has an impact on the image quality.

Many of these technical details are still being improved. Large initial R & D investment and no large-scale batch manufacturing are also the main reasons for the high price of high-speed inkjet printing machine.

It is worth noting that at present, the high-speed inkjet printing machine is mainly used in the personalized small batch market, such as Landa and Xiaosen. Both of them hope to achieve the effect of “digital offset printing” in technology, and they have invested a lot of resources for this purpose, which is expected to turn a new page in the printing history.