verbal agreement

After knowing what the previous verbal agreement is, let’s judge who is right and who is wrong. We mainly talk about the later things, and the occurrence of the latter events. Then, due to the articles published by Di and Ron Brooks, the Grizzlies and igorda spears are facing each other openly. Curie ah, this is mainly to say that the wall of a DA, Lang ah sent a tweet picture and text, is, igordala won the championship in the 15-16 season, a photo of F MVP supported a broken, ah, on the matter of their own views, this matter is not over. Well, after curry finished, Morant’s rookie Morant issued another picture of Durant’s 1718 season and 1819 season’s F MVP photos, it didn’t cry. What happened to you? Kuri forced to brush the sense of existence and attracted a wave of black powder to himself. However, we have to say, but through this incident, you can see several key points. First, the key Curie and igordala, the feelings are really good, they are really good, they are really hungry, they are brotherhood, igordala is in trouble, Curie reaches out to help, the next day you can To see igordala.

But if he wants to join a championship level team, he doesn’t want to be traded by the Grizzlies at will. Even, he thinks she should be bought out and join a championship team. Third, you can see that igordala is still very concerned about the warriors. Concern also gave great hope to the warriors. He even wanted to be bought out, and then he directly went to China to form the champion team of the warriors. In fact, the warriors now have nothing short of curry Thomson and green, plus an answer. They are, will, nearly one thing, Russell now in the Timberwolves this transaction may mediate, then I as my personal NBA, smelly cobbler, I hope the warriors can be bold, throw a lot of money, can put their courage and courage out again. On Monday, Russell, the Timberwolves, won the Tang lion. Of course, I think it’s very difficult, so it needs courage and courage. In this way, the warriors can return to the peak. The west is very chaotic. Yes, let it be more wonderful.

The local world cup

In 2014, a new generation of young talents, led by Hames Rodriguez, emerged. They broke into the last eight of the Brazilian World Cup at one stroke, and then wrote the team’s best record in history. They also won the fair play award of the local world cup. Time flies and has experienced nearly two years. Ten years of hard work and exploration today, Colombia, football, finally, gradually, the dispute between glass and crime, love of scoba, tragedy never forgotten by the world, but perhaps indirectly, it is this that contributes to the football of this country.

This society has learned to reflect from endless pain and suffering, change, and finally, after the bloody rebirth, in this South American world preliminary, Colombia’s promotion journey, ah, is far from smooth. In the second round, they lost 3-0 away to Uruguay. Then, they drew from Chile and lost at home. Fortunately, Argentina’s team won five victories and one draw in six games against three teams in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, which helped them to stabilize the situation on the scoreboard and finally risk as the fourth place in South America. Looking back to the 2014 World Cup, Colombia’s new talent Hames Rodriguez, ah, that is, when Ronaldo was born in the air, he not only won six goals in five games, but also won the golden boot. When facing Uruguay in the eighth finals, he stopped the ball in the chest at the front of the forbidden area and volleyed in the air. The goal breaking world wave was also selected as the best goal of the year by the illegal official and won the 2014 Pascal prize. This group of stars became the number one star chased by European giants that summer. However, his development after landing at the Bernabeu was not satisfactory.

Although there was a brief flash, it was still difficult to integrate into the three field system. This naked eye was gradually reduced to a marginal figure in the galaxy warship. Fortunately, last summer, Bayern Munich, the German giants, threw olive branches to him to rent them first and then buy them. They attracted their subordinates with their merits. Coach heinx’s return to the head of this logical state is also quickly activated.

NHL season back will play directly in the playoffs

NHL, the world-renowned professional ice hockey league, will restart in the second half of this year. NHL officially released its 2019-2020 “season return” plan Tuesday, confirming that 24 teams will compete for the championship symbol Stanley Cup in two “hub cities” later this summer.

The novel coronavirus outbreak was forced to shut down in March 12th this year, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus outbreak. NHL By then, the regular season 2019-2020, which started in early October last year, had been 85% (1082 of 1271 games completed). After the suspension of the season, all teams are advised to try to isolate themselves.

The announced “return to the season” plan consists of four time stages, with the suspension period from March 12 as the first stage. According to the plan, the regular season of this season has been officially terminated. The rest of the regular season scheduled for March 12 to April 4 will not be played. The results of each team are as of March 11, and the ranking is based on this. The 24 teams in the top 12 of the eastern and Western leagues will participate in the rest of the season. By implication, seven of the 31 teams in the League will finish the season ahead of schedule.

The NFL program allows teams to set their own audience limits

On Tuesday, us time, according to the athletic reporter, NFL is more inclined to let each team set its own audience limit than forbidding fans to watch the game.

Reporters reported that the League instructed clubs to comply with local regulations on the outbreak. In other words, the League will not impose a limit on the number of viewers.

Troy Vincent, executive vice president of NFL Football operations, said: “we also have a 50% and 75% attendance limit. We have prepared for different situations. But at the moment, we are still working with the medical staff to try to make the pitch as unrestricted as possible at the start of the season. This is our plan. “

At present, states in the United States have relaxed restrictions on new crowns, which directly led to the increase in the number of cases. According to who statistics, more than 2.2 million people in the United States have been infected with the new crown, resulting in 119761 deaths.

Vince Carter officially announced his retirement

About this time last year, Vince Carter announced on television that he would play another season.

The only question as like as two peas at the time was the choice of which team he would choose. Eventually he chose to let him feel the eagles that he respected enough. He looked at the same age boy in his team and his occupation. Carter might often recall his eventful years.

But at the end of the day, the new crown epidemic stopped abruptly. Carter is 43 years old. He has spent 22 years in the league, surpassing the NBA record of 21 seasons held by Robert Parrish, Kevin Willis, Garnett and Nowitzki, and becoming the first person in the league. Then, it’s time to leave. Except for this “forced retirement”, when was the last time Carter appeared in the news? It should be the last regular season match between the eagles and the Knicks on March 12 this year. Trey Yang seems to have sensed something. He and Carter finished a hand-in-hand cooperation outside the three-point line. Carter took the ball, and the three-way break started. Young Xia Yang gave uncle Carter a assists.

Mustang’s name, Jerry Stam, died at the age of 83

Mustang’s name, Jerry Stam, died at the age of 83


Jerry Sturm, a famous Mustang hitman and attack striker, died Wednesday at the age of 83.

Strom’s career spans both countries. In 1958, he started his career with the Saskatchewan horse trainer team of the Canadian Rugby League, and then joined Mustang in 1961.

He played center, guard and interceptor in his career. He was mainly in charge of inner screen and was selected into the all star team of the American Football League in 1964 and 1966.

In 2019, steem was selected as one of the top 100 stars of the wild horse team.

After leaving Denver in 1966, steem continued to play in the League for six years, playing for saints, oil men and eagles.

The new season of tough guy training camp will be broadcast on August 11, featuring ram and lightning

Although the new crown epidemic is not over, the HBO documentary series “tough guy training camp” will still be released as usual. There are five episodes of this season’s documentary, which will air on August 11, us time. The protagonists are ram and lightning.

“We will follow the advice of medical experts from the league and the players’ Union,” said producer Ken Rodgers. After all, this product is made according to the training camp and will be adjusted according to the situation. “

The process of testing for the new crown virus could also be part of the documentary, with Rogers saying producers want to document the real experiences of players and coaches.

This is the first time in the history of “tough guy training camp” to shoot two teams at the same time, because both teams will take the Sofi arena as their home court.

Zhang Baoshu: it’s “tradition” for new people to be integrated, and I’m also a “victim”

In this issue’s big guy column, we invited ray Chang, the former American player and now the operation manager and general coach of MLB China baseball development center. “Baoshuge” has played in the minor league 3A team (the highest level in the minor league system). Unfortunately, he was injured when he was only one step away from the major league and missed the chance to enter the major league. In 2009 and 2013, he played in WBC World Baseball Classic on behalf of the Chinese national team. His defense in the three games was watertight, and the attack was the absolute core of the team.

For the annual spring training, Bao shuge, who has worked in the minor league system for many years, must be familiar with it. Fans and friends are ready to ask a lot of questions. Let’s take a look at brother Baoshu’s answer!

Stuzzy_ ZTC: can more than 30 spring training matches really see a player’s good and bad?

I think it’s very difficult, almost impossible. But after more than 30 spring training games, the team can judge the potential of a player. It takes time for a rookie to grow into a professional. Before becoming a real professional player, rookie players often need to experience a series of adjustments and experience accumulation. After that, we can see whether the player has the ability to compete on the professional stage. Some players are growing fast, and some players are spending more time. Because the position on the field is limited. During the spring training, the team should not only examine the potential of the players, but also decide whether to believe that the players should pull them into the major league, and where the players can best play their advantages and match with the team.

How to evaluate NBA rookie Trey young?

For many years, the weak team eagles have attracted people’s attention in this season, because of the performance of rookie Trey young. Can he help the eagles to spread their wings and soar?


Walking into their locker room before any game of the season, the eagles will see two white boxes with sweet garden on the table or floor. On each game day, the four Rookies of the eagles, Trey young, Kevin hurt, omaris Perlman and Jay Adams, take turns taking doughnuts to the dressing room. Most of the time, they don’t steal them.

Yang has become one of the hottest candidates for rookie of the season. Will he still do the rookie job?

“Sometimes I would give the caddie $100 and ask him to buy me some doughnuts and send them to the dressing room,” Yang said. No one else did it for me. “

On March 1 this year, the hawks and the Bulls lost four overtime games, and Yang scored 49 points in 56 minutes. The next morning, it was his turn to buy doughnuts for his teammates. Yang shook his head and said, “I still have to take doughnuts to the dressing room. “This is also a friendly reminder from the veterans: no matter how high the score, you are still a rookie.

Yang was one of the NCAA’s top strikers last season. However, after entering the NBA, he encountered some difficulties. Last November, he shot only 19.8%. On social media, fans are critical of Yang’s comments. Young sometimes calls his father ray.

Which NBA player best fits the description of miscellaneous but not refined?

evan turner

NBA “average male” scores, rebounds, assists, defends all can do, what work is able, but also nothing top, in the division of labor clear team-based team, he is a good adhesive, in the characteristics of the obvious core team is always struggling.

In the University era, Turner won various awards with no difference. 76 people were trained as the core and placed in the hope of rejuvenation, but they failed to show enough leadership and talent. As a result, the impatient 76 people also went to the road of continuous deterioration, Taobao and trial and error.

At the end of his short career as a walker, he came to Celtic, a “civilian” Celtic after reconstruction. His role changed. He could evenly distribute the ball rights and everyone could be the end point of the game, so that Turner didn’t have to bear the pressure. He just needed to do something within the point at the right time. Here the youth army began to rise, and Turner also played his own price.

In the summer of 16 years with cheques flying all over the world, Turner joined the Blazers with 70 million in four years, which is the feedback to his previous performance, as well as his highest value and watershed. The outbreak of CJ mclem last season made the Blazers see the hope of reconstruction, so they kept recruiting and buying horses. Turner was once again entrusted with the task of frontline, and he once again proved that 76 people did not lose sight.