Durant stay the warrior!

About Durant, about the warriors, it was just here. An hour ago, we saw that, on the complementarity, there was a question about the education of the warriors and the eagles. Er, there was no big event. Well, it was just a slight call and a choice made a few years ago. So, ah, it was also a problem. Important information, ah, a very important information. Now about Durant, this morning, we also made a program about Durant’s contract. We discussed it with you in the group. Ah, it’s very simple. It’s not honest to talk about it for a long time. We won’t say much about the content mentioned in the group. Er, it’s very simple, I think.

I think that’s what we always say about Durant. In my opinion, Durant joined the warriors, and Durant continued in the warriors. It’s about 90% or more, and even 9599 can be said. So those sporadic people come to Faye Wong because you’re dead. Tired, ah, these, ah, you listen to even lose, ah, see even if you lose, right? We said in the morning, right? With Durant’s injury, then those, other teams, the teams interested in Durant, these previous news reports about the previous.

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powerful and unconstrained style!

Take a look at the team ah, no, maybe not, then start to put down, right? In the later game, also watch the opponent win. If only 58 games are found, then watch the opponent win and the opponent loses. I can’t win another game, right? If he wins a game, you will lose the next game. If he doesn’t lose, you can go on. In other words, a bad team will be rotten to the end, and many teams will not get relaxed, not all wonderful. Why, the impact of his winning or losing a ball in 58 games is too great, too intense, and too much pressure on players. The intensity is too high. If you can accumulate enough advantages in the first half of the game, then you can really adjust your physical fitness in the second half of the way and get ready to play in the playoffs. But if you play 58 games, you don’t have a single ball from head to tail. Give you a break in class time. You may have run out of ammunition in 58 games. Do you have the physical strength to go to the air playoffs? Ah, maybe the last ten rounds. The first lead in the West in the last ten rounds. The second game is more intense, but the ball is against the ball.

The test is even more huge, so players take out 100% of this ability and 100% of this skill reserve to play in the regular season. Ah, playing the regular season like the playoffs, then this intensity will lengthen more than 20 games in the playoffs. A fight, then, to pull to the whole regular season, the time may be in, 30 or 40 games outside the ball will have to bayonet red blood, for players, you say is to reduce or increase, negative ah, you say is more difficult or easier

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The backwardness is losing everything

Joining the Jazz team, this is really a good signing for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. It’s really a good sign for the Jazz team. How can it be uncompetitive? What’s useless? Double guards, ah, today’s play and harvest. Now we need to analyze the sports ability, the defensive ability and the offensive ability of risk. If you play in the finals, you will encounter the top risk when you reach the western finals. You are in this position. The backwardness is losing everything. If you compare with the warriors, the warriors may not be able to find out the details. Don’t mention the combination of Mitchell and arcolli. Call banlirad and mclem and call bankuli and Thomson almost have no identity. But with Bogdanovic, ah, the situation has fundamentally reversed. We say that the ball is not a good player, not a super first-class player, but a very real player. This player has the ability to attack and defend, the ability to attack and defend is good, and the attack and defense are equipped.

Only the top level, but in this position, 70 million in four years, 70 million in four years is equivalent to bradeso’s, 17.5 million in four years and 70 million in contracts. It’s too valuable and cost-effective. The money is spent on the edge of the knife, Mitchell, the rookie, and the rookie contract. It’s a complete tribute to Mitchell’s rookie benefits. Well, the Jazz team, I believe the Jazz team, ah, will do a lot next year. Ah, before the Western Conference, it’s very good not to sign four Rashi. Do you want to say that the same can reach C. The final is a successful season. Ah, it’s a successful season. Every year, a rocket really needs to pay close attention to the Laker team. Ah, these teams in the West show that, er, the competitiveness of next year will be improved if you don’t improve. You can’t do it without reinforcing others.

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The Clippers are very good

Why, seven draft rights, seven hands. I don’t think you can get the double spot or not. In addition, Hart, the fourth round of the first round, right? You don’t have to get so much for the Lakers. I personally think the price is higher. Ah, the Clippers are in.

We have to go to the next city first, the Clippers. Yes, we have to. Paul George, we can say now, ah, the team has not been built yet. After the start of our season, we will have to talk about our program. The longer you delay, you will find that we are absolutely neutral. It’s not because of the value of any player or any team. Ah, it’s a subjective assumption. It’s impossible to have color. If it’s good or bad, we’ll criticize it. The Clippers are very good. Oh, this deal, I think. Excellent, for the clippers, for Leonard, for Paul George, whether it is good or not depends mainly on the results. At least for the clippers, these operations are perfect. Then, there is a signal that it is very good for the clippers, because we know what risks modern basketball is. Fengxian good, your team, on the strong front line sports ability, attack ability, defensive ability directly reflected incisively and vividly, then, Leonard and Paul George, the two players together, it has a natural advantage is that they are very young, they are more tolerant to fight them.

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Thunder three little!

Every year is the first round, the first round, right? In fact, it’s chronic suicide. It’s really chronic suicide. You can make a little bit of money ahead of you. But you can’t see it, sister. If you play the playoffs, you won’t have a lotto. You have a very good grasp of these young players in the future. This is not enough. We can only cultivate young players with poor quality. In fact, big teams are doing big business. They are doing big business. Senior, that businessman, and the cultivation of those small clubs is young, players are all, the first episode of the listing you cultivate, come to me, play here, I give a top, salary, the attraction of this big city is so strong, they don’t need to cultivate young players, they don’t need to cultivate, they don’t need to cultivate. I don’t have the time to do these things for you. Now, we said that the rockets and the Oklahoma thunder team can make a deal with Westbrook. So, the previous ones all said that I hope you can listen to it. It’s not official. Some friends say it but it’s impossible to change it. I’ve never said dirty words.

Why, Locke and Paul, ah, exchange also need, play, water show, spring ah, this, sure, then the Rockets now have how many I don’t know before, through Paul’s trade and then change, how much is left, and on the other hand, I think it is possible for the Rockets. Ah, now, he can go to many teams in the league, but I think ah, if you want to win the championship, you really have to think about it. What price do you pay to exchange positions? No, if you hear that half teams and half teams exchange positions, Brooke

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Reasonable! Not expected!

Why do Bucks have so many problems this summer? So many contracts can’t be concluded. It’s just a long discussion, ah, an exchange of views for a long time, a barely reached agreement, ah, and then, personally, I think there are still many issues that need to be addressed. What’s the mechanism? Ah, the small ball Market does attract big players. The capable players, ah, it’s too difficult and difficult to come. It’s really not easy to sign a player, a good contract, a better contract. So we can see that there are good ones. I remember that there are players who have contributed to the team. I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, these players, ah teams, will sign players without hesitation. Therefore, poverty limits our wisdom and poverty limits our own.

I don’t think the Bucks will have some development space in the coming year. OK, breakthrough. Well, the league is the first. This year, it has been said to go. This year, the past season has played a very good performance. Then, I don’t believe that the Bucks can reach the top next season. Log in to the top, the East can win the eastern championship, ah, and reach the finals to win the championship is impossible. Let’s make this judgment now, then turn over the bucks. Let’s focus on the Rockets. This signing is very important. See, there are also media reports that they want to win Gordon. The third point is to tell the truth, in the current environment of the NBA, each team is basically in addition to the 76ers, and other teams can basically be double. And the double giant belt team

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thunder is willing to send Paul away

The position of money bar in the East and West is the willingness of everyone to put on a bad job. It is very strong, so this result is relatively similar, right. I personally think that the position of the heat team is the team playing in the playoffs. It is possible to be in any position. But it is worth mentioning that we must clearly see this team. It can be changed by discussing from our group and some enthusiasm. There is also a discussion. Now there is basically such a recognition, that is, thunder is willing to send Paul away. The contract of 40 million yuan is willing to send Paul away. Then, the heat team is the potential biggest, and the next one can be more than 5%. This year, before February, before February, from February to February next year, I believe these reports will be updated one after another. At that time, we saw that I didn’t think Paul could have a good season with the thunder team. I’m not us. I don’t think so.

Paul, he still has a big contract, right? You can’t surpass the 40 million contract and don’t do anything. Ah, there’s still some personal ability. It’s not that there’s no hope to fight for the championship, even if he wins the eastern championship. Then he won the Western championship or the Eastern championship. For example, you can win the championship first. It’s a good choice to join the heat at ease. It depends on the other four teams. Basically, there is no need for the contract to attract 40 million actors. However, the heat team has this demand and also has the ability and space. The heat team is now in this team and his salary space. It’s strange. It’s easier to operate

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Pay the debt!

We’ve all said that on previous shows.

The general age of these fans is younger and the general level is lower. Ah, don’t doubt this. After five years, I believe that I have matured and grown up. Then, Curie’s pancake and injuries are unpredictable. Sooner or later, they will come sooner or later. Ah, just in time, warriors, this year’s personnel is not neat, er, the strength is not strong enough, under the circumstances, curry’s injury ah, I think it’s also unfortunate that he has no chance to play in the playoffs, even if he plays in the playoffs. Good grades, but I’ll take a year off. But you know, curry is also 32 years old. He was born in 88. Ah, happy. Year is 32. Next year, he will come out 33. Basically, I think that if there is no championship, the face of FNV P will follow this year. It’s a pity that Kuri’s life is far away. We once said that Curie’s everything is good, that is, lack of calcium, divided into, P, hard to make, this grand slam player is hard to be, this is a pity, it’s really a pity.

If, ah, no, Durant joined the warriors, then I believe that James will also stay. The Cavaliers, warriors and Cavaliers may play in the finals in his playoffs, and the warriors may win again. Can the champion support a Warriors team, only curry can touch the MVP.

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He needs Booker and Aton

I don’t think there is any problem with this position. I think it’s OK to train in a few years and play in the top four in the West. However, he let go, balloon Warren. I just don’t understand why I say that because I don’t know. If you want to play well in the current league, you are good for this risk. In terms of configuration, ah, it must be excellent enough, right? When we say now, it is not completely revealed, because whether the interior players are excellent or not is slowly changing. Like these strong teams and good teams, they have a set of stable or ultra-high level of a set of inside line and interior line combination, so this thing is not possible. Yes, but the problem is that the sun has a year-round plan for it. He needs Booker and Aton, because he has only been playing for two years. Right, he has a long-term plan. The money is, ah, for the salary space that has not been released now and the salary that has not been released, you can invest it in the position of risk to make the players in this position more powerful.

It can be said that it is a 123 series. Ah, 1234 doesn’t leave. Ah, let’s go westward. I don’t think I really understand what this means. But in the end, if the result is not good, is it because first of all, there must be no problem in Rubio’s position, right? Besides attacking. But you are short of organization ability, combing ability and defensive ability. I have always said that Rubio and Rondo are the only two wonderful flowers in the current league. They can still eat in this position. Otherwise, he does not have this skill.

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Playoff rankings are emerging

Let’s talk about today’s several games. After two days off, we make up for all the previous programs. After today’s game, ah, the top four in the West will be what we expected and expected. As like as two peas, ah, of course, uh, I personally think that the change will be different. Oh, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is dead. So, freeze it in this position. Ah, then, of course, there is still a turnover in the back of the season. Maybe there will be changes in the team. So there will be a replacement of this name. What does it mean? However, I think that the top four teams are really strong, that is, the top four teams in the West. So, ah, I have to answer some netizens’ questions today. About the Blazers, he has been defeated repeatedly and lost again today. How does this team evaluate him? In addition, about the Laker team’s landing now.

Whether the first team in the West will be the first in the west after the end of the season? Let’s talk about this issue. We said that the West actually has only four strong teams. Four fingers are relative to reality. To be exact, there should be only three strong teams. The strong team we call the NBA. The school’s positioning of a strong team is to be able to compete for the championship, the team that can win the championship to play the finals, and the team with the championship will coach the other pioneers of the strong team

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