how to defend against Kuri

2.10, 2.1 to 0.10 to play 2.062.03, right? You can type, you can play, but the advantage is not so obvious. The key is because the Clippers are poisonous, and Beverly has the ability to defend Durant alone, especially excellent players. Then we should emphasize how to defend Durant, how you can’t pay, how to get Durant to James, how to defend against Kuri, all of which have routines, and there are textbook guidance on how to prevent James and the whole league. It has been given to us for many years. This is the case. Normal school, right? The whole league is fighting like this. James’s wheel battle and attrition war are similar to James one by one. Only by exhausting James to death can James be limited. Against Durant, it depends on the body and entanglement. Tony Allen was also defending Durant. It can be said that he was the most successful player. There is no need to add that Tony Allen defends Durant.

It’s a classic way for you to catch all the balls from the backcourt, unless you take all the skills from the backcourt.

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he warrior Chen Yimo

How about Wei Shao? His rebounds should present offensive rebounds, front court rebounds should be more, so you are useful, the backcourt rebounds are more useless, do you know what a waste of your physical strength to grab so many back rebounds? Every ball must follow the basket, you collude. Is it reasonable to ensure that every ball can be prevented? Is it reasonable? We say that the position of guard can be prevented to the position of the free throw line. It’s OK. Those are handed over to the teachers. If you go down, you will be handed over to those. Unless there is no one behind you, of course, you don’t look behind your eyes. If you put your head in the back, you don’t have eyes.

Come on, but you have to trust your teammates. You have to believe in your defense system, right? If you press to the position of the free throw line and defend to the position of the free throw line, you will be handed over to those players. Its efficiency must be higher than you. Otherwise, it will hurt innocent people. This business opportunity is right. Okay, let’s turn over. Let’s talk about this warrior Cousins’s question. The warrior team now has no reimbursement for the test. It’s basically 99% repairs, leaving the last one, the warrior Chen Yimo. Let’s talk about our personal views on this team. Well, the Internet also said that, after kausins was injured, he forced out the strongest warriors. The efficiency of the five minor leagues is that you played with the warriors to the same record as last year, and played the same state as last year. There is the concept of function.

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better than Ruwei and Crawford

What is a master is to play with elegance and high level. Well, but you, ah, you can’t say that it’s this kind of feeling. Well, it’s similar to this, uh, Jason Williams, this is the feeling of being extraordinary, because you’re at a different level, and I’m at this level. If you play competitive sports, I play happy basketball, which is almost the same meaning. So you can see his technical characteristics. Ah, there is no such confrontation, and there is no strong physical quality, right? There is no exaggeration.

The performance is not without this player, playing is very elegant, killing invisible, ah, is a typical assassin type player, this player plays well in the future, the upper limit, ah, will not be better than Ruwei and Crawford. The best sixth person’s level is not lower than that in the car. Popovich gives enough opportunities. I think it’s good. But I also think that in Popovich’s position, in this team, you want to be a star. It’s very good for men to have your mother who doesn’t give you a chance. Well, you’ll take you down. I’m afraid that if you hate the big contract, improve the overall strength of the team and suppress the individual ability of the players, it will not have the intuitive feeling and the deepest impression on it.

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the Spurs are afraid of any team

A team can play routines with the Spurs, because they are killed by the Spurs. Are we saying that, right? We can find out. Every issue is OK. It’s not right. So we say that the Spurs are afraid of any team. He is insane. He’s super, star, he’s got his own talent, he’s got his own talent, he’s got his own talent, he’s got his own talent, he’s got his own ability to play, Tianfu bombing, spurs made 20 shots in the third quarter, ah, three circles have already opened, and the last quarter has only two words. In the case of 22 shots in this competition, the second has been higher than the average of seven times in the regular field, and the average shooting time in the playoffs is 10 times. Ah, you think the machine is exploding today. The crazy hammering Spurs have a low hit rate. The hit rate of 4 times 44 times 5 is not high. We said that don’t be afraid.

There’s nothing to talk about, right? You don’t want to play the routine routine with the Spurs. If you have thoroughly studied yourself, it’s very dangerous under this situation. Right, this title, you look like our speech, and don’t play routines. So I was forced to steal and not play routines. For those crazy poking, jojic and all have no solution, Kobe, Durant, Kuri, these players are all unexplained, ah, all are superstars, ah, so the Nuggets, if they want to beat the Spurs, they have to do it one by one. Don’t play with the Spurs, don’t play with the Spurs. All your routines and routines are unreasonable in front of the Spurs. This series is very good

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The warriors are so powerful!

There are a lot of netizens’ messages, ah, let’s talk about profound things for you. These programs are specially for warriors fans, er, focusing on providing for Curie fans. Primary school students, ah, the level of low ah, do not know what the warriors play, the library is blowing every day, you are really low level ah, I think this is the value of hanging the library, ah, with you fans, ah, I really feel ashamed of the pants. The warriors didn’t understand what they played. How did warriors change along the way? How did the context go? They couldn’t figure out what the thread was. What’s the glint of nonsense. Netizens asked, ah, what’s the infinite room changing thing.

Why can warriors play, other balls can’t play, or is a kind of why, play is so good, we said before, this is not a profound theory, is not a brilliant tactics, this is the warriors now unique, he is his, these people can play this thing. It turns out that some teams of other teams have changed and some of their emotions have been improved according to their own players’ abilities. What’s more, we need to be sure about this point. Why can we find 50 warriors again.

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Murray said is actually flawed

As we said before, the relationship between victory and defeat should be made clear. The Rockets, to play the warriors, really need the right time, the right place and the right people. It’s very difficult to add luck. It’s very difficult, very difficult, but we hope. Now we can be promoted. Ah, between us, we have said, er, we stand on the opposite side of all warriors, but we also recognize the strength of warriors. Well, this role we want to say is that you don’t have to look at the hit rate of hadoo, how good the Jazz houses are, right? I said that it’s not. Kobe’s defense is Hadden’s defense, self defense, her defense, because he’s extremely unstable. You know, this magic ball theory that Murray said is actually flawed, or has drawbacks. He has only one point and three points, no two points, no middle distance, but you have to know.

Distance is a stable killer weapon. When you don’t have physical strength at the last moment, you have to rely on three points. It’s not so powerful. Curry will tell you first. Second, you have to see that these last kills are generally not completed by breakthroughs. If you don’t make breakthroughs, why do you hit the last time. Looking at the situation, the referee’s whistle is very cautious

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Celtic team is a fake strong team

Pingping thinks that the Raptors are the fake strong teams. I’ll tell you the last word. The head of the 76ers is almost the same as you. If you want to add, add, or add to the head of a certain team, you should be careful. Ah, I have another person say, well, Celtic team is a fake strong team. Ah, block the wall and try to see us. When we play the semi-final, spray bucks. We are. Right? Who in the end? You have to listen to one song. We didn’t say that bucks were worse than Celtics, nor did they say Celtics were not worse than bears. After that, we analyzed today’s idea of having a good dream and other things.

You don’t have a lot to say, ah, Meng’s whole season has come. It’s true. To keep up and play on your back is to pay great attention to injury problems. At that time, the coach was a lesson. I felt very much that he was a conservative coach. He didn’t have high requirements for fighter planes. I think he must have recognized the economic achievements in the fall with the boss, right. Their own strength is so strong, ah, let the Raptors, ah, without their efforts, reach the second place in the East, which also proves that the overall strength of the East is weak. The 76ers are so powerful, and their first lineup only hits the third position in the East. You can see. The overall appearance of the East is like this. The Raptors, ah, are the big tigers of the animals. The Raptors are qualified to play in the finals, and the Raptors and bucks are qualified to play in the finals. Of course, they are optimistic about Celtic.

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Trampled on this summer

Jabari Park, disobedient or disobedient, will let you play on the bench. If you play well, you will win. Ah, if you win, there will be no champion. There will be no lotto. There is no sign of a wizard. This kind of team doesn’t want to play in the playoffs. Trampled on this summer, playing Middleton’s contract still has a year, 1982049 yuan from the player option must be a big contract for us to say for Bucks’ salary space is very much. No, I’ve always thought that the team fighting for the championship will feel that they have enough money to spend, and every cent has to be spent on the blade. Well, Middleton’s 17.5 million, Jabari park’s only 20 million, 200 more.

Compared with Middleton, I’m sorry to be more embarrassed than Bradshaw. Bradeso, 17.5 million, Jabari Park, 20 million, is $2.5 million, five or six years younger than Bradshaw. Ah, there’s so much room to go up. How could you do this. Hot bradeso, fashion. I think money is really easy to use, right? And the mainland contract is only one year. You don’t know what kind of contract is next year. Now we have finalized the contract of 70 million yuan in four years. We have been talking about the alliance. No. 3 position is scarce. The whole animal League is catching small forwards and small forwards. However, if you want to go up, go to the champion’s place and go to the small forward position, you have to make up for it. The Rockets have been thin and small for most of the season. Because of the lack of this position, the gathering proves that our statement is correct. Every team is in urgent need of a small vanguard. In this position, you can go up and down, left and right. How can you let Jabari park go? I can’t understand

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Carter has been injured again

In support of the Nuggets, on the other hand, Carter has been injured again and again. His heart is worried. He has been injured one after another. How to play now, how to nuggets? On the other hand, Denver has to rely on his strength to perform crazily again and again. We talked about Lida as a player. Ah, it’s also arrogant, but this kind of hate, it’s not always, so you, don’t continue, hope that there are always such magic, performance, but every season, a series, a playoff can play, I think it’s very great. Is pregnancy used up? I estimate that 80% or 90% of the fluorescence is used up. Therefore, in the case of nuggets, I still support the Nuggets. We also said before the reasons why the nuggets can pass the pioneers. Now, let’s sum up the first, the determination, ah, we compare.

Well, the technical Rightists in the future refer to the second, ah, the Nuggets team, ah, if they meet the warriors, some will have to fight, and if the pioneers meet, the warriors will not be able to fight at all. This is simply a send off

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Hadden has a lot of supernatural

It’s said that Kuri Durant Thompson has a very strong three-point ability. Today, a Dalai Lama played well in isolation and played a good end. This game is too difficult and difficult to wait. His supernatural performance is very good. Although we say that Hadden has a lot of supernatural time this season, right. But when it comes to the playoffs, it’s a high-intensity game. Something happens. He’s not the first year to play the playoffs. He’s not a rookie. Well, what’s the explanation? I think it’s very good. I don’t recommend using it. Do you think warriors are rookies? You think green is a rookie. He’s not a rookie. We didn’t have the first round series. In the first round of the series, rockets and so on. We don’t even talk about warriors. Right? We’ll thank you very much. The next year’s series, we’ll seriously talk about it. The point is that you have to make it clear that warriors are very powerful Rocket fans, including fans of other teams. We must know a little about the strong reliance of warriors. Can rely on can not accept, but you must help first, you must understand in your heart warriors is the championship team, oral, not satisfied, can star Yao Fu ah

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