Rocket super mini lineup!

Update a few episodes, almost to the gold lighter, right, to verify our statement again, you go to see, we said absolutely, yes, today is, okafu, the center of the Rockets like what, but also a penalty to come again, ah, okafu, 303, now 14 teams 24 behind 10. Almost to the earth shaking game, you don’t have to go now. You don’t have to watch him. You don’t know how to play. Well, basically, it’s the feeling of playing today and leaving tomorrow. Anthony Davies may pack up other players to do the trade. Anyway, I don’t feel that there is a good and good play. I rely on it. You can see that as the inner strength, ah, you can say that House in Liaodong. No, now 303 hits six points. How can the rockets hit their opponents? Let’s not say how the wind up plays the little brother. The outside line of the no forward lineup must be accurate. Gordon’s three-point-4-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3-point-3.

They have already escaped five three points, five three points and 24 points, of which 95 points are three points. So the rocket team’s ball is a ball. See, the Rockets are playing like this now. You know, after the card is pulled back, it is still so big, because of the role of Capella. I don’t want to say more. Ah, I’m tired of myself. I really feel bored. I don’t want to say more. Anyway, the Rockets are playing like this now. We can understand it. OK

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Is it so hard to acknowledge James’ strength?

When I saw a netizen’s message, I just had time to discuss with you, study, exchange and exchange. I’ll open a special program to listen to you, James, Durant and pants. Then, let’s make a program to refute you, especially black James. I think how many of you will bomb me, right? I think I’ll fight against you. It’s just words. Just one party, one party, one bombing you. You are absolutely confident. I think you have. Because, I can’t find James’s shortcomings. There are some shortcomings. But as far as I know, I can’t answer them. I really can’t answer them, because there are no perfect people, right? Just like this, a few other ones are children’s rings. From your mouth, say it out, you stand and say it.

Really, I think, oh, so childish, I feel so naive that I can’t stand the scrutiny. Ah, come on, I’ll talk to you one by one. I’ll just blow it back for the fans. For example, James, there’s no way to make his own players and his teammates better. That’s right. The second point is, pig.

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Kerry Owen’s contract

Let’s be clear about this point. Then we also talked about the Celtic team from Anthony Davis. Ah, from this news, ah, it can be verified that, ah, starting a team is now a situation of internal and external troubles. Ah, Kerry Owen’s contract renewal is a problem. Tevez, if you don’t come to Celtic team, you can’t renew your appointment. Because, at the beginning, I also need to start from champion Kelly Owen, not to continue, about Anthony Davis, can’t, come on, Davis doesn’t come, Liu Wei can’t, continue, this is a two-phase contradiction problem, we must wait until this summer to solve, and both sides need to discuss the box with stripes first.

Sure, Anthony Davis is trading with his own chips, ah, to build his championship lineup like this, but we should be clear that now, the biggest problem of Celtic team is that Kelly Owen can’t reach a contract extension with Celtic, and the main contradiction is that. This lineup is not enough to play, champions are not enough to play in the finals. Ah, why? Because I have to tell you that all my problems are now focused on the sea fog

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James fired Wharton at any time!

Let’s talk about the Laker’s Walton, er, after the loss of the last game, the dressing room broke out conflicts, biscuit McKee and so on. Some old players had conflicts with Warren, and there were rumors. But now, Wharton may have to be speculated, the Lakers will change coaches, ah, I have made some comments on this matter, ah, er, we said in the previous programs, don’t say I didn’t say that, for example, we’re behind the scenes, right? We can find out about Walton in every show. Well, our evaluation of education is to change us if we can. Personally, as an NBA cobbler, I am very dissatisfied with this coach. Ah, the Laker coach, my one, plus coach Brown of 70 years, these two are extremely unsatisfied. Let’s put together other coaches.

Such a young coach, ah, if you want to take these players, ah, I’ll tell you that you can laugh at bish, Lee, McKee, and bluntly run into the coach. Don’t say that James Langchao is a 123 thing. These young coaches don’t have much merit. Well, the year of playing may not have been as long as some players, right? Not yet. James, ah, James, almost, well, not some players

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Gordon are the bundles

It’s very, very uncomfortable to hold the throat, so we still have to press this year’s rockets if. It’s very important how to give the contract of RMB 20 million in the case that all contracts are renewed. It’s very important because kabela’s contract is less than RMB 30 million. Therefore, we should give ha, Deng 400030050038 million and, um, Paul’s contract of RMB 40 million.

Card, PELA, and Gordon are the bundles of more than 30 million yuan, so the contract is barely able to be given, barely can be given. However, other teams, if they want to form the three giants, must be such a choice. If we go to see the contract of 20 million yuan, it is impossible for us to be qualified in the Lakers. No matter how you make a trade or determine a free agent, this kind of player is impossible to appear. In addition, in the game, the commentary also said, and there is a point of view that coincides with us. What we are doing now is that people are panicked. We did the show two days ago, ah, the Laker dealt with these young people. I believe that James, wisdom, he and she must have seen this. Anthony Davis, if the transaction is not successful, we will put it here first, um, James. It’s possible, 70% or even higher. It’s possible to come out and make public comments. Of course, it won’t be pointed out clearly. It must be implied that these players should play well, play well, and fly. They should take their job seriously and have a new job.

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O’Neal won a championship

But ah. Still have to say, oh, Iverson at that time was still, more and more frustrated, more and more brave, repeatedly defeated, repeatedly fought, er, contributed, which brought endless sympathy to the fans, brought endless sympathy to us. Look, it’s Iverson. It’s really pathetic. It’s heroes, tears, spilling all over the ground. It’s really no way to meet O’Neill. The League changes the rules and can’t do this. Ah, you guys, there’s a O’Neill standing inside. Who can beat you later? Of course, after this, you should agree. When O’Neal won a championship, when he made the rules of the league, he thought, ah, he was furious. If you wanted to touch so late, did you mean to target me? Of course, at that time, it was not aimed at any one person, but limited to all those, because at that time, the heart was really too strong.

Four centers and five centers can be said to play or not to receive, because there is a time difference between them. Ah, we always said that we should not talk about it first because we don’t talk about it. Right, in that era, almost, ah, it was like this. There was a dominant position. Ah, then, for a player like KULI, he benefited from the present. The rules of the League encourage attack, but don’t emphasize defense, right? Reduce the intensity of defense and encourage attack. So now, Kuri, these outside players will foul as soon as they touch. Your defense basically can’t stand outside the three-point line. Ah, you can’t touch your opponent. You’re fouled when you go out.

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Celtic also played a very good

It’s hard to say whether or not to sign Samsung. It’s hard to say, because Owen’s contract is close to 40 million yuan. If Anthony Davis can be involved. Before and after that, hofford also needs to be a couple. Otherwise, the contract with Princess Taiping, ah, what kind of fight will be made. In addition, with Owen and Anthony Davis, we are looking for a new look and a new construction. But so far, hofford is very important for the Celtic team.

It’s very, very, very important. The commander on the court is very important. However, for ah, today, for the pistons, Celtic also played a very good role in hope. Ah, of course, you also won today’s game. Both of them won. I didn’t say that the match of the NBA got this thing. Then there are netizens, ah, online, commenting on one side, saying that they can’t live, ah, if they blow up your RMB will be abused. Er, I personally hold a skeptical attitude, ah, first of all, let’s talk about players like embid. In terms of experience, it must be more than Hoff’s, which is indisputable

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Rockets playoff lineup has no accident!

So today, the game between the rockets and the Los Angeles team is over. Some netizens have been asking us about the future of the Rockets, what kind of playoffs they will play, and whether they are competitive or not. So far, we have never seen them. From the perspective of analysis, well, we still need to observe through the last 20 games, but some things can be confirmed, and some things still need to be verified. What can be determined is that you can see through so many games, ah, the understanding of D’Antoni for so many years, you can see the coach. It’s old school. Coach, he’s in the playoffs regular season. We don’t go much. In the playoffs, he’s dead. The servants are just giving those who get, he trusts, and the reliable players that he thinks he can rely on can play a little younger.

In, the regular season has been denied, these athletes sentenced to death in the playoffs are basically useless ah, but for these players, given a certain opportunity for a certain period of time, the Rockets have come to a dead end. Ah, they have already surrendered, handed in the white flag, and finally pulled a grenade, ah, committed suicide. However, they all die together, so look at this game, the iron fight does not change, resistance card, Bella hadenga Paolo tuck and this, Gordon, this is the five men start, the iron fight will not change until the last moment, also, in a few people play, of course, individual replacement is also based on the opponent. To do, to change

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After entering the NBA

And right now, the Internet is very developed, right? But you can’t talk nonsense, can you look up the information? If it’s not true, under the circumstances, ah, that can only mislead the audience, so we can only say here. Then, when Garnett came in, he was a high school player.

He’s in the stage of growing his body, 2.06 meters and 2.08 meters. After entering the NBA, he gets higher and higher. Just like Durant, Durant grows higher and higher when he enters the league and grows 18 cards. You can also see their photos to compare their body height, right? Including now. Weishao is also growing longer and higher, growing faster and faster. It is as high as Haden, right? It is a little shorter than Haden. Therefore, the position change of Garnett’s playing method also has some changes in his height and ability. The coach doesn’t know which position you are suitable for. He thinks you can play better and more competent in this position. He will arrange you in this position, right? Forest, wolves, ah, of course, when the three giants are formed, ganetes prevel Kassel. What’s the position of these three, right? Is it a little bit of a Kassel, right? Of course, of course, this Kassel alien maniac, these two men and grandsons were not young when they were on the two teams. Ah, they played the league.

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Big brother, second brother and third brother

Let’s briefly talk about the basic form of the eastern and Western playoffs. Then we’ll start with the playoffs in the West and start with a few seasons. We’ve talked about a lot of East and West seasons. But we’ve all said that we can all be verified. Go over the programs in November. We can listen to the programs in October. There are a lot of them. Basically, we are error free. Wrong. Some teams have adjusted their mid season trade. That’s another way. Right? We’re also based on historical facts. Now, we’re basically uncertain. Behind us are the Jazz clippers and the Spurs. We’ve basically locked in the harvest fast food.

We talked about it at the beginning of the Marseilles, and in October we said that many experts and scholars saw that Leonard and Dani green, whom the Spurs thought were trading, would not be able to play the playoffs. We pointed out that you believe in Bobo go, can you not believe it. But you can’t believe Popovich, right? As long as Popovich doesn’t agree, we think the Spurs can play the playoffs forever. Of course, whether Aldrich will be here next year is another matter

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