More than half of this game is to eavesdrop on this game

More than half of this game is to eavesdrop on this game. Neither the 76ers nor the Bucks have ever played. Li Xinhe, we also said before that we support the Laker team, right?

Although the Laker team was defeated, but from my personal understanding, this game was lost, well, it was too good to say, too good to say, too wonderful. You can lay the foundation for the game after your question.

If there is a seven level Four win system game. If the playoffs can meet the right thing, then the Laker team can say that it should not happen, ah, first some things that can be avoided. This game has been verified, and the world has been tested. Before I finish, I want to criticize this.

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There are always two attacking defenders on the field

How do you do it? The problem is that there is no one to do missile business at a loss. Personally, I don’t think there is a big problem for the current team. Today, Gordon, the comeback, harden and weishao are in the circle, ah, missiles, they have lost the game successfully, and the water devil is almost. It’s not an accident.

There’s no Hardon, there’s no kernel in this team. Gordon is just an auxiliary assistant. Hadden and weishao are absent. Ah, ah, keep. In the upper 48 minutes, there are always two attacking defenders on the field. This is also the same, his team has been implementing the three back play method in recent years, and the core guard’s playing method has been verified in both the regular season and the playoffs, or the guarantee of good results.

You can see his team after being defeated by the warriors last year. The competitiveness is still very strong. Ah, because there are outstanding athletes in Hadden, you can pay attention to the fact that they have hit 5.3 3 3 points per game. Last month, shangshangle musicians once said that we should be very careful. Now, harden has hit 4.8 three points per game, right.

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Now he is in the position of 789

He is a strong team, but now he has no positioning direction. He still has to wait until the transaction is finished. Finally, he will make a direction. Now he is in the position of 789. He is shaking around on the Internet. He can’t go up or down. He still has to wait. Time is worth mentioning. What’s the important thing? When Carroll was interviewed after the game, I grabbed the thunder team.

Now the system of the three guards is terrible. Ah, the system of the three guards is very powerful. Paul needless to say, Schroeder may have to pay for the best sixth person. According to his games, he played very well. Now he is on the bench, averaging, scoring, which is enough to play the best sixth man.

There is no problem to be selected. I think that if he can be selected, if he plays all the time, he can be selected, but if he doesn’t learn, Luwei seems to say otherwise. Well, when he plays at the end, you say that the season is only one third over. It’s not easy for you to judge. If we keep playing like this, we’ll have another selection. Every year, we will talk about a young player in Arizona. I don’t pay much attention to him. To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to him. But this year, I played well. I saw that half of the game was not very impressive.

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The first East in the west is the power problem and the west is the first

So, come out. So, the first East in the west is the power problem and the west is the first. But according to the first and James, the data and letters, the data of each subject are too different for the Lakers, which is the double core, so the letter.

It is not controversial that if James is to compare the two players, James, and the letter Dr. rocun Baokun, are better than James, so he can not exist. App: you can see that James is tired of MVP. Ah, it is very important to show that 82 games have a long enough season and it is very important. You don’t have the will. Ah, there is no spirit, stamina or this winner.

It is difficult to get the MVP. But compared with harden, why do we say that compared with harden, he has a special condition that it can break Jordan’s records and occupy the absolute advantage in the data. It is the letter kokun. You play 30 points in the game. Well, basically, we can get the score king. In the early animation field, we can get the score king if we don’t show up, and we can get the score king about 28 points.

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It’s interesting to challenge the thunder team with missiles

The game is very important. It’s interesting to challenge the thunder team with missiles. This summer, we said that Wei Shao and Paul exchanged hosts. Wrong about these two players, the advantages and disadvantages brought by the two teams.

At that time, we said that it was good for both teams. Now, none of our teams is injured, right? No matter the missile pair is still in his ranking, then the thunder captain has played his own ranking. The two teams said from the police that they did not. We lost too much, right? It can be said that it was almost ignored.

Then, this game, I think, is, my appointment. I watched a few clips, but these clips made me remember deeply, so I was very moved. Wei Shao returned to the home court of thunder.

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The concealed weapons of the Lakers have not been used yet

But it’s also possible that now, if you play better, you can still jump up again. It’s worth looking forward to playing fourth to fifth. It’s possible to reach sixth, fifth and fourth. If you keep this record and keep this momentum, you can always go up in the playoffs. It’s too early for me to talk about any breakthrough.

After all, it’s too early for me to see. Paul is playing now. Well, he doesn’t care, or he doesn’t have so many expectations and wishes. After all, this team is now, if you can’t play this year. No, excellent results, but details or summary, you don’t want to be unrealistic, right? You can see the situation in the West.

After all, the top three are too fierce. The missiles and clippers of the Lakers are too fierce. The concealed weapons of the Lakers have not been used yet. Now, in the playoffs, you can see missiles. The captain is a psychopath. He’s a freak team. He’s crazy when he plays in the playoffs. Plus the clippers, he’s always walking with one hand on one foot.

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If you accumulate this honor for a long time

In particular, curry fans always give us a score, other fans are rarely very sensible, no matter how much I said about curry, right, I I I I I I have many facts that are not correct, this is totally brainless begging for votes, that is, dance to give us a vote, then vote to you is brainless.

It’s hard for you to vote. I really think if you don’t stop, don’t listen to it. OK, you can take the message and close the message to us. We are reactionary in NBA. We can’t run here and watch it. Right? So you pay attention to us and fight us, is it evil? Is it not evil? Is it bad bad? Make complaints about it. OK, wait until next year and come out next year to make a good result. Then we can choose all stars.

Kobe, in this way, you can score in five or six games, star right? This is accumulated over time. If you accumulate this honor for a long time, you will have the ability, the fans’ love degree, accumulated over the years, and fix those free and fixed fans to let her always.

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The teams in the Western playoffs are basically OK and have been determined

Stay in the team, he is not very willing to become the between competitions again, ah, the best performance, all need to be used in the end, some teams, maybe stop and stop, also do not attach great importance to this thing, I feel as long as I am a seven or eight points, about this, outside of the post-season. How can the teams in these positions be seen now?

The teams in the Western playoffs are basically OK and have been determined. I can see that now I feel that they can be determined. Basically, the indicator of eighth place should be in the Grizzlies. The Spurs and the Blazers are three teams. Among them, I have made a good start. There may be changes. There may also be a trade. I will tell you that the Blazers team is really very, very serious in the playoffs and want to rob. But it’s really very, very, very bad. I haven’t seen anything so bad. The Blazers and the rescuers may just want to play a bad game with you. Also, the team doesn’t have any requirements. You can do whatever you want.

The earth man has a contract in his body, and he is not willing to work too hard and consume too much. After all, his contract will be lost. Some players are team options. I’ll give you a scrapped contract. Where can I find the next year’s contract? So I’ll play 70% of it. Well, almost all of them have their own ideas and ideas, but the pioneer is an exception. He has the power, the right, the highest sprouting, the biggest control, and the greatest effort. I’m the boss.

Everyone in my team should take a look at it and criticize it. Well, this makes me angry. If I was the boss, I would be very angry. So I think their attitude is correct, but their ability is also lacking. If there is no Carmelo Anthony’s fire line to join the Blazers this season, the result may be better than that. It’s a lot less than that, right? To roll to the west a few meters away, Anthony Davis, Cameron, Anthony, his children are really playing well, is the highest shooting rate in recent four seasons, three-point shooting rate, also reached three-point ball, ah, a period ago, ah, this morning reading ideal good.

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They will continue to play rotten and make the warriors play on the schedule

Then, they will continue to play rotten and make the warriors play on the schedule. If the boss has won 10 games, then all the matches will be finished and the season will be finished. According to the truth, generally speaking, it should be 20 wins or 18 inches and 20 inches within the amount of food. There is a little difference.

The period is very well, but this may be the lowest limit. Insert it again. Domineering, ah, this old face still needs to look at those teams in the east of the opposite side to play. As long as I get to the bottom 123 position, I have the champion’s signature. So according to the principle, this game should not be won.

Ah, in the end, it did not win. Then, I believe that the warriors fans should also go to see the game.

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In the second half, the sudden change of the situation called me back

This program is about the champion, the champion, and Williamson. Today, I said that we should watch the Spurs’ opponents without watching other competitions.

We don’t look at others. We have to see him. Yes, after watching hundreds of games, you and I were disappointed. I closed the screen directly or went to do other things. In the second half, the sudden change of the situation called me back, and a good friend called me back. The situation changed dramatically.

No matter what, the situation I had at that time was that I didn’t know what the definition of the outbreak was, and then I went to have a look. Wow, it immediately became the team’s scoring king. At that time, the scoring king got 22 points. If you remember right, England also scored 21 points and 18 points.

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