Then you can see that such players are really systematic players

No team in their contract is willing to give green a new player. So the revolution is on the street. Generally speaking, most fans have a clear understanding of this issue. Only those warriors fans may not think that green is. If you can’t reach the Dingxin contract, you think that after Durant leaves, the isolation contract will be stable.

Then you can see that such players are really systematic players. They are completely and completely systematic players. You can’t live without this pool of water. After four years, one billion Green has been signed successfully, which is also self-conscious. It’s not excessive to ask for 28 million, 30 million, 32 million. It’s a dream to change which team can’t give.

You green depends on cool. Living with Tom, curry certainly needs the assistance of Thomson and green, so these three, alcohol addiction, now all the contracts have been put in place. Well, greencurry Thompson is consistent and complete, which is what we think of as the warriors. That’s right.

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Gordon’s contract with the Rockets is with the Rockets

Gordon’s contract with the Rockets is with the Rockets. We also said that 20 million is about 20 million. Now it looks like four years. The wind is 6 million, right? Er, less than 20 million, which is highly consistent with our judgment. Why, so to speak, that is why there are many netizens, because they have been discussing some, ah, the all star, the superstar, and the superstar.

The corner, the player, the team, the third and all missed, ah, didn’t say anything. Well, we also said that Gordon is a player of vital importance to the Rockets. This player can fit in multiple positions. It’s good. You can see that the contract is compared with the bucks. Well, Bradshaw, you can see how big the gap is. One is 76 million yuan in four years, and another is $6 million more in four years. Divide by four.

After dinner, the stomach is not strong enough, and you can’t compete with the warriors. But now the hypothetical enemy of the warriors no longer exists. All teams are still playing. Most teams are still playing death. If you play five small teams, you can give the Rockets more space to go down. The Rockets are. What kind of team is this? In other words, what kind of team is D’Antoni in charge

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It is a loose set of role players

These players, whose attack ability is stable, their defense is excellent, and their defense is underestimated. So we say that if the Jazz team meets the clippers, it’s just on the outside line and hits two big virtues and Paul George. It doesn’t mean that they are much better than Paul George, but can limit the two big German and Paul George. Once, the advantage of the clippers is Paul George of Liaoda. Once reyadade and Paul George are limited, the Clippers will have no advantage.

It is a loose set of role players. These substitutes don’t need to be considered. It really doesn’t need to consider that his main force is really strong. Why do we say this is a lot of fans. For example, ah, my main line-up, the top ten reserve lineup, the League 12, can win the championship. It’s not so. The strong main line-up represents the absolute strength of the team.

This is absolute strength, because the main line-up can be separated and used. It can be separated from the 33 generation two, right? It can be so big in those years. Yes, that strong is not to say that his routine is not to say that he is strong enough to hit five dead five small, his five first is also strong enough, his five first is also the champion league, it can be disassembled and used, it can be two generations, two generations, three can be disassembled and used. We should know whether the Yong of that year was strong enough for death.

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So the ownership of the single product will not be too much

In fact, the importance of the SVP award has always been based on the fact that Kuri has been to the so-called Warriors team. From the current point of view, it is unlikely that they will be able to reach the finals and win the championship, so the ownership of the single product will not be too much. Well, if we can fight this year. Well, as we said before, unless there is a gifted teenager, well, it looks like a 23-year-old general. It’s a little bit like a gifted teenager. It’s 23-year-old. If you want to make a new record, I think it’s a bit slow.

In the past four years, at the peak of his career, you said it was unfair. Ah, you said, why not? So he inspected an athlete and a country, and his overall strength was that he could stand the test at any time. Well, that’s simple. OK, let’s turn it over in this program. Today’s two games, one game, is the Clippers.

For the Bucks, Leonard may have to take turns, so the fans can’t pack their eyes. It should be said that the Clippers play bucks is a more wonderful game. Now, we have to wait for Paul George to come back to see the Clippers as a whole. Well, Liang Nader doesn’t play bucks or 76 players now. I don’t know. Anyway, he selects the opponent and plays Liang Na. His protection is very good. B

ut I think, uh, if you want Nader to check more games, the clippers can still hold it. In the west, it’s OK to compete for the position of MVP this year. Now, there are many ideas and discussions among many fans and friends, right? Because so far, all parties, forces and players have opportunities.

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The Trail Blazers are going to play the finals in the West

The teams are not on the same level. The Trail Blazers are going to play the finals in the West. Of course, the nets also have to play in the playoffs. It’s OK for the nets to play in the playoffs. The nets are hard-working and independent. But there is a gap in the strength of the two teams. Although the Blazers lose a game, it doesn’t mean anything. But I, today’s smashing 33 points, right? Even though Lillard’s smashing 60 a game doesn’t mean much to ah, right, but it’s of great significance for individuals. Well, we actually do this program mainly to say to curry and Durant, to their fans.

Last year, I did a program, ah, travel, Dade was the first player to score 60 this season. Whether there will be such a problem this season is a problem. Well, last game, Hadden newspaper scored 59 points. I remember correctly, ah, it was one point short. As for 60 points, it is, er, er, a boundary, which can be said to be a boundary. If you go up to 60 points, it doesn’t matter if you shoot 66, 11, 62. 60 points is a boundary.

It is the boundary between ordinary scorers and super scorers. Because, curry and Durant are the two players who have won the scoring king, but they have not won any 60 games in their whole career. This is very problematic. It is abnormal and also a pity. I remember that if it is right, it should not be.

Don’t face each other, so we have done regular programs and finished those programs. I still remember clearly that there are some curry fans who are still dissatisfied and say that the warriors have defeated their opponents in three quarters. What chance can they play in 60 plus not enough playing time? We say that the players of the 60 families can count with their fingers on their fingers. It’s hard to be powerful without you in your whole career.

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Nur and his team are very important to the Blazers.

If you play him, you can play in the playoffs. That’s 789. So why do the Blazers play so badly now? We have to say so.

Let’s talk about him. Today, the two goalkeepers are playing against each other. The two goalkeepers are slightly inferior to the biggest spurs. Ha ha, the Blazers have an impact on the game.

The trailblazer, to him, lies in the balance of its balance, but we have to say that his team is now an incomplete team, how many machines are missing, Nur and his team are very important to the Blazers. Some netizens said that you are nonsense. Where are Lillard and McCollam? I will tell you about Lillard McCollam.

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It may also average triple doubles this year

The all star is definitely not running, ah, so many triple doubles, so high and bright, which game average 29 points 10, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, right? Er, it may also average triple doubles this year, and it may also achieve triple doubles per game. Now, there are many netizens who are discussing it seriously. Compared with James, it’s strange to put these two players together. It’s so similar in terms of data. Even, the data of dongxiqi is much better than that of James.

Luxury is better than that of James. Right? Your colleague’s experience in the NBA in the second year, if it is counted into the third year, is too similar. But when it comes to the third year, it must be the same. But if we calculate the second year, the data should be better than that of James.

Er, when I heard the foreign media explain the game, he repeatedly appears the name of LeBron James, the voice of LeBron and James, ah, and the voice of LeBron, James, constantly appear and mention again and again. James James, ah, it’s crazy, contrast, ah, well, I personally feel that it’s OK. There’s no problem that things can be compared. Well, it’s very excellent. But it’s James’s historical height. Well, the only factor that depends on is whether it can be suppressed.

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James is an athlete who hasn’t made progress in more than 10 years and 56 years

James is an athlete who hasn’t made progress in more than 10 years and 56 years. This is a kind of commendation. In fact, it is also a kind of praise to something. That is to say, he was born the next year, playing the data of 30 + 10 + 10. Can you imagine it? We can only rely on this data to see that the data is gorgeous.

Ali, right? So you’re teaching him how to be good and what he’s going to look like. It’s very limited. Of course, it’s very limited. Of course, I think it’s limited by whether the physical condition can tolerate long enough or not long enough, because of the gap between the top ten in history. You can’t call me 15 years.

If you play 15 years, you can have this kind of. Um, the accumulated honor can make you join the ranks. Otherwise, you will be short-lived. There is one or two years of high-quality performance in 78 years and 89 years, which is not enough to explain the problem. OK, let’s go over it. No, the Spurs, ah, the netizens reminded us that we, ah Murray, derroe Murray and drousesa have taken out the Spurs on Twitter or IIS. The official website, then, we learned the news relatively late, because there were too many teams to observe.

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The modern Thanksgiving world and the earth before

If you don’t play, you don’t have to come out. Ah, it’s not a problem to see how many injuries he can write. There must be other internal factors. I believe you can understand. But Owen doesn’t play the net to win. This false proposition has been developing all the time.

Celtic team Owen does not play, the Celtics, win, attack Owen all the way ah, well, we are not a problem of ball skills now, ah, it is about his life path, including the modern Thanksgiving world and the earth before. The storytelling incident, 78 mess, there are a lot of things about Owen. Let’s just talk about this. Oh, I was broadcasting an article yesterday. I really feel like I can’t say no. there are too many fake fans and primary school students.

This kind of stupid question can also be raised. Right? It can also generate doubts. Well, it’s really necessary to increase the common sense of NBA. The previous program said that Celtic and Spurs traded gro and Murray. Oh, go and change again. Hayward, as well as, Jay Brown said that the salary did not match, and the salary was 9 million.

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The Bucks’ average 120 points per game is relatively normal

The Bucks’ average 120 points per game is relatively normal. More than 100 points, 115 points and 120 points are normal. Compare the risk of defense in the end, whether there is a problem with the attack ability, right? We need to reflect on it, ah, the difference is not reflected, there is no such gap between the two teams of the players of the two teams. The big thing to say is that I will not have time tonight, so we will advance.

It’s all right. We talked about the deal later. Ah, I said that if zubbats, you can trade daozhuang people, or even Zuba Tzu, you can trade luff. It depends on what chips you offer. If you set up eight times, you can’t stay in the team.

This player is useless. You put millions of dollars over there. Waste, if I remember correctly, should be close to ten million, ten million, even if ten million is to waste the core lineup. The core transaction is mainly produced in Harry, the player has the possibility of trading, and it is the core of the transaction.

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