Why did Nader wait for so many days

In this case, Leonard was introduced, which was smooth and grew up. If Paul George could join the Clippers one step ahead, the Clippers would be the team that competed for Leonard most. Why did Nader wait for so many days? Now it turns out that Leonard is waiting for Paul George. Waiting, the Clippers how to operate, how to trade, from the thunder side to trade Paul George, the thunder team now has more than 40 million, the luxury tax is very high, a 30-year-old, so, the thunder team to give space, and sent out the clippers, and sent out for Paul George and sent seven. Literature has created the most history, and it is also a high-quality and high-quality draft right.

Four first round signings, I remember correctly, four first round signings can be exchanged for a protected unequal treaty, a super unequal treaty, because of the incomplete information before.

Now, I think it’s Paul George, the two old ones, plus the three giants, the three giants, and the Clippers. Now that the information is accurate, the family’s internal power is also sent out. So now the Clippers team is composed of Paul George and Leonard, together with other people and a group of people.

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So the first round of the first round of the second round

And according to my observation of that player, he has a disadvantage, tolerance, fine performance is relatively poor, you see he recovered, so much time in the Raptors, did not give 100% of the strength, for the netizens almost in the very good, but, no problem, so the first round of the first round of the second round. We played very well. I mean no resistance.

But in the four rounds of series, you can take a big data to count his ability, his ability value, and his performance is just going down. It’s not Vietnam’s bravery and bravery. He said that he would go down again, um, the whole. Well, it’s obvious in the finals that lyonnard is fighting with an injury. This injury has not recovered yet.

It’s a great thing to know that we’re going to see it in the Clippers next season and verify it. Then I even doubt it. Well, it’s a question of whether you can be on the court or not. It’s a question of whether you can play or not. As we said in the last program, the clippers, including those in the western region, the lyrics of the western region next year, are all the teams between Bozhong, so if you have a home advantage, you can change the pattern of your series.

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The interests are reasonably distributed and the interests are in common

And goals, remember this point. Look at the Lakers, the James fans, your former opponents, your former opponents have now become your teammates, and there are so many of them. Look around you. High performance has become the opponents of the past and now become the opponents of the present, right? All right. Warriors, send three here, send three here, ah, so much to cooperate with you. This is the championship next year.

What do you think, right? What do you think? Maybe, in the future, isolate quickly. Maybe in the future, hadra mund green will dream about it. The Laker team, ah, cooperate with James and you to fight together, er, do you want the gangsters to be black? Ah, well, there is no need to be black, right? There is only permanent interests and common goals.

With this, the interests are reasonably distributed and the interests are in common. We have a common goal, so let’s work hard. Well, let’s take a look at the lineup of the Laker team. I think it’s very good. To be honest, it’s not too big a problem. You can see the players of the Laker team and wait for a large number of decisions to be made or the management to give examples to other players.

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The thunder team is walking outside now

So, we should be tolerant to these players and try to be tolerant. Er, for Westbrook, ah, walking away from thunder, I think this step is getting closer and closer, and the time is getting more and more. Although I think that 19-20 season Westbrook left the thunder team is a time that can be expected to happen.

The thunder team is walking outside now, and these signals are not followed. Well, it is possible. Understand to quote, I can make a deal, and will not, tie you, ah, because he is the initiative to change ah, before the program we said the thunder team if unchanged is a pool of stagnant water, well, how to play is like this, in fact, the Rockets are the same, how to play is like this, hit the second.

Well, it’s almost like this. The thunder team, even if Wei Shao takes the ball and leads the team to play, that is, the first round of playoffs to complete the task. Then the thunder team doesn’t need this. I personally think that if you don’t have some competitiveness in the playoffs.

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