If there are some unexpected conditions

Stars will be here, many stars will be here, this rapid fall, rapid, very, very rapid fall, because the competition in the NBA era is too fierce, and Curry’s physical fitness itself is still discussed by superstars, superstars and superstars. F NB P is not yet.

Among the superstars, it’s not, it’s amazing, it’s very tired and aggressive. In terms of physical fitness, if there are some unexpected conditions, if they are injured, they will be reimbursed in half a season, then more than 300 will be wasted directly. That’s gone. More than 300. Three points are earned by harden Thomson for nothing. Because harden and Thompson are iron men. I tell you, Thompson, especially the iron man among the iron men, has a very high appearance rate and is not easy to get hurt. So is harden.

I’m sleepy in the Rockets. I’ve played 82 games every year. I haven’t played this year, right? I’ve got a very high appearance rate. I’m kidding. I didn’t check it. But I think, harden’s appearance rate is very high. I haven’t heard anything about harden’s long-term injury. I won’t play this game.

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How many people are there in eight champions

At this time, there are more than 10, 9 and 8. Yes, these people can’t count one hand. I’ll tell you, how many people are there in seven champions, how many people are there in eight champions, Jordan’s six champions are not enough.

What’s the use of so many champions? The record is the most important thing. Now for James, jealousy is there. Don’t ask, your list goes up forever, ratings first, right? Well, no matter when you pull out the record, James LeBron James is always so late, always in that number. Can you ignore his existence?

Can you ignore his existence? Right? Those black James players, those black James fans, players, definitely, won’t be black. The players are more professional, right? The fans of black James are so stupid that they don’t want to say more, including black Durant and curry. So, I think it’s very, very difficult to make a choice, right. Of course, of course, I think it’s a better choice. Ah, compared with someone, it’s an ideal choice. If it can match with Tyrone, it’s OK, because well, if the Lakers get the big three.

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Do you hope the Rockets can make great progress

Rockets in the Rockets, ah, this person is very important, and how to guarantee this player he is no substitute, so he has more time on the court to have a greater advantage. Rockets, whether big or small, play big or small, play big or small, have an advantage.

For the jazz, the warriors, we lead. When he agreed, he told me clearly that if he couldn’t beat the warriors, it would be just because Capella is now the main team, but the main team. So it’s not a part of it. Right? If he couldn’t beat the warriors, he would have a lot of playing time, so there would be a discount. Ah, don’t be surprised if kabela has a lot of playing time in the next few games, ah, don’t be surprised, so it’s basically like this.

Ah, do you hope the Rockets can make great progress? Ah, I hope that harden can play better and better. Today, Jiang Jiang passed the test. Although he got high marks, he didn’t have a high percentage of hits. At that time, we were on the low side of democracy, right? I hope that in the next game, anyway, harden, this player has one game, every game, every game, right? Shooting birds, maybe it will be 35 plus 40.

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His group pictures are easy to be provoked by others and public opinion

The attack of public opinion, right? The plea of warriors fans, we can only say bonsai, ah, but in this online Fengping ah speech, we can see that one side is all asking Durant to play in the fourth game. After losing, no one is surprised, no one is crying, no one is blaming Thomson, spearhead. Just like Durant didn’t pay, but because Durant didn’t pay, he was one-to-three behind forever, right?

This is not my nonsense. I believe you can see why Durant should bear the responsibility for losing. I believe there are a lot of testimonies from last year to now. But most people think that I’m Durham, right? After listening to my several programs, I should still think that I’m Durham. First of all, we say that we are a fair and impartial program that views problems from a neutral point of view. So if there is right and wrong, we have to say that we dare to say why Durant lies in this matter.

Don’t take any responsibility. It’s just because his personal nerves are too sensitive. He doesn’t have a strong heart. He doesn’t have a strong heart. His group pictures are easy to be provoked by others and public opinion. Instigated by the public opinion and criticized by the public opinion, Durant, er, has no clear mind. We can only say that without clear mind, he is motivated and caused.

Now, Durant has to bear some responsibility, but it is quite rare. Compared with that year, how the thunder team protected Durant is obvious to all. For example, in the last few games of the thunder team in that year, there were almost 78 goals and 56 games. The playoff tickets were close at hand. Durant was also injured because the thunder team didn’t have them. Durant plays anything unusual, that is to say, he can make it to the playoffs in one game. The warriors have only one goal, thunder. The only goal is to make it to the playoffs. It’s hard to be alone in that year. It’s hard to be alone in that year. I love to lead the team by myself.

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The Rockets even the best Rockets team in the past 20 years

Too many. In that era, our group of fans who watched the combination of Yao and Mai all thought that the Rockets were a strong team. Every year, they thought that the Rockets were a strong team, and they could not break through the second round every year.

The combination of Yao and Mai was very popular. In that era, it was killing. In those days, if you want to watch the rockets again, should you all queue up to jump? David, who is extremely dissatisfied with the Rockets, can’t bear the time when the Rockets can be better than the modern harden Paul’s combination from 1996 to now. Now this kind of ability, ah, does this kind of team have the record? Any time period or no time period, so the fans should not be too demanding.

The Rockets, even the best Rockets team in the past 20 years. Well, there are friends, there are friends, there are netizens, friends say, ah, now I’m very dissatisfied with harden and Paul, especially Paul. There are also many fans who think or agree with the trade exposure. I think it’s very normal for the team to trade players to improve their fighting ability and prepare for better achievements.

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