This is not the year of winning the championship

Take a look, Suns, are you willing to accept this matter? The Lakers must be big and make a lot of money. Now Ariza’s contract is only 15 million a year after all. Then pop is still playing well in the Lakers. If the Lakers can provide some cash or provide some cash plus pop.

Plus a draft right, it can’t be the first round, it should be the fourth round. I think it’s a feasible way to trade Ariza of the Suns, but if it’s beyond this condition, it’s pop. With a little cash and the right to draft in the last round, if the right to draft in the first round is also tied in, then it’s too bad for the Lakers. It’s too expensive. It’s better not to do this deal. I believe the Lakers can’t do this kind of rubbish deal to damage themselves, their future, and their education, because of the Lakers.

This is not the year of winning the championship. This year is just a transitional year. After the arrival of my aunt’s family, I will strengthen the lineup of the Lakers this year and their record this year. That is to say, this year I want to play C. I think it is absolutely impossible to reach the goal unless there is a big deal in the middle of the season.

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Then we can only choose one team

Dengneng, volleyball or weishao can be in the front row. I personally think that harden’s ability may still be much higher than that of weishao. Right? ability may also be between them. What’s the concept we’re talking about?

That is to say, what’s the current pattern of the league? It’s not that the viscosity library is still in Yishan Luka. Curry and Durant are in the same team. Ah, well, they represent an interest group. James represents the interests of the Lakers and Durant represents the interests of the warriors. Then we can only choose one team, right? Who is the leader? There is only one team.

Don’t say, old tower. There is no such reason for us to take turns. Unless you can’t do it, you can’t kick it down. Well, Liang and Nader represent the interests of the Raptors. The group is talking about this concept. The concept of viscosity card, including harden and weishao, is also included. Er, for curry, he is an excellent player and a super first-class player. There is no doubt about it. In the end, we say that who is the boss of the warriors or who has more supporters is more affirmed.

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Lakers will compromise in the end

It’s interesting. It’s a stupid performance. In three teams, I’m still the boss. I can wear all three rings on my hands. This is a little fierce. I feel a little fierce. Three different rings are cool to wear on my hands. Of course, if you can wear five different rings, it’s even better.

Let’s talk about it, ah, if we can get a ring in the Lakers, the quality and gold content of this ring is not inferior to that of the Cavaliers, so I think James is a careerist, he must want to do it, but now. I don’t think it’s easy to operate when I first came to the Lakers, because if you operate now, it’s too obvious. You always have to look at the quality of the Lakers.

You always have to have a transitional period. I think so. If I’m James, I don’t dare to make drastic improvements. Of course. I believe that the Lakers will compromise in the end. Ah, they will obey James’ idea. That’s for sure, because James’s appeal is so powerful. Well, maybe we don’t know about the invisible terms in the contract. Maybe there are some restrictions.

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To win a championship is his lifelong goal or a Western champion

After the launch, then Paul George also fully realized this point, the team boss, not the boss, may not be so important, for a player like him, it may be that he needs to have more wins, more breakthroughs, to win a championship is his lifelong goal or a Western champion. Another Eastern champion, ah, is his lifelong goal, ah, it’s the same after he joined the thunder team.

For Paul George, it’s just to help, ah, Westbrook’s assistant ray, to help Wei Shao build up a meritorious service. So, his understanding of himself. Personally, I think it’s quite clear that the leader of the team is still Westbrook. So now we have to say that the achievements of the thunder team, the good and bad performance of the team, and whether there can be a breakthrough in the playoffs mainly depend on the ability of .

First of all, the regular season. I don’t want to fall into the strange circle of data. If the data fall into the strange circle of data that you always take the task to play, then it is a kind of harm to the thunder team. When the ship is sent, it should be passed to Paul. When George is finished, it needs him to finish.

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The team is disappointed with such players

Er, but over the past few years, I’ve been wandering from place to place, f In this team, what does it mean to stay stable and be exchanged? In fact, it’s very simple, that is, it can’t be cultivated. The team is disappointed with such players.

They are famous and have little ability. Why does this happen? Personally, I always think that the wild card has talent and ability for this player. This is for sure.

The key lies in such a player. He is a late comer. He must be a good player. You’ve been training for a long time, but as an NBA team, how many teams are willing to do it? Maybe they won’t be able to achieve much until they are 30 years old. The more they play, the better they will be. Well, because of his talent, his physical condition and ability.

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What is the God of the previous life

At least 78%, ah, er, these records will be monopolized by curry for a long time. But, um, I also think, don’t boast too much. The three-point ball only represents one part of the scoring. Well, all the time, you can boast when you put it in the contemporary era, but you can put it on the stage of history.

What’s delicious? Go to see the God on the score record, what is the God of the previous life, what is the gold content, what is the existence of monster level, and then go to see, the three-point ball, what is the existence of the previous life, which is dwarfed by one comparison. There’s not much to say about this thing. As far as I can imagine, ah, at the beginning of the season, ah, after playing more than ten games, curry fans told me that Gu Liya averaged 33 points in that game, how fierce the shooting rate was, how high the 33 points were, how to play until now, can you always keep it?

It’s hard not to say. It’s really hard for curry to be bad, isn’t it? In a single game or a period of time, it’s OK to maintain high intensity, high percentage of hits and high level of scoring. OK, no problem. Curry, it should be like this. Full vote, MVP, no less singing, but if you are.

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If harden and Durant can’t make it into the first round

It’s 5:4. It’s just updated yesterday, right? It can’t make it into the first round. What’s the matter? What’s the situation? If harden and Durant can’t make it into the first round, it’s very unfair, but there’s no way. Now the vote is for the fans, right.

Up 50%, 50% of the players, um, 25% of the media, um, 502525, so let’s continue to play with the media. It’s more than 300, right? Please source code, that is, we don’t know how many players can vote, even 450. Er, this is a great chance, right? There are also substitutes. The substitutes are even more important.

The substitutes have blood tests. Ah, Akita, how many coaches are there? The head coach, the substitute coach, and the assistant coach are all included. Well, even 60 points, right. Running 30 of them will bring great pollution. Ah, this year, I think it’s right that I can’t learn. There’s nothing to say, right? If I haven’t played for a long time, it’s impossible for Xiaoxue, right? If I can write all of them, it will prove that these coaches are the same as football fans.

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We have never looked up their mutual match data this season

Tang poetry, ah, not as NB ah, er angry, there is no such meaning, of course, you are still the second, enbid or the boss, Tang poetry can drop my second is a problem, I want to say Tang poetry.

It’s the second center of the league. Maybe there are some people, who are you? And I think that the net friend also said to us, maybe, well, it’s not up to the data. Well, Peter’s height is not right. That’s the indirect recognition, right. So we were on the opposite side. Kill it. You, Nb, uh, there is a netizen.

We said that, Peter and Downes have played. Ah, in November December, we had played. Peter had cut, 30 plus 20 rebounds. Tang monk, ah, I cut a dozen points and a few rebounds. I went to see it. Well, it’s urgent. I really played it Ah, with our kind, we have never looked up their mutual match data this season.

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It is not qualified to play a big four small than rodic

1000 is a year contract or how many, for example, the first phase of the contract is not very sure, so Mirotic if there is no big brother to cooperate with him, it is not qualified to play a big four small than rodic, because the player in Miro area is weak in defense.

His ability to protect the forbidden area is not very good, right, it is just. Attack is very, almost crazy. Right. This three points are accurate, yeah, the shooting is accurate, the distance between the end points and the function is very strong. Right, as a defensive player, you want to league, shake a big four small and so on. What you have to do is to defend strongly, right? Otherwise, you only rely on attack alone.

Peixian County, big brother can only be used as a supplementary function in the case of attack. It is difficult to be the absolute core of the team. So, it is almost right to need a justice. The center group Bartz in the inner line and camp is an ideal choice because the player, now, it is very good to look at the packaging, and the camouflage is quite similar. Although, James, Aaron, Zoe and Rondo can still take it. These games play the potential of a rookie and a young player, so it can be used as a chip in the team and play, but this thing.

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It’s much more difficult for you to get more than Ross because

Well, let’s put it this way. Well, Ross is older than Owen, and he got the terms earlier than Owen.

The salary was lower than Owen when he got the salary cap. In other words, the total annual salary for the players. As long as it’s low, how much is Rose’s five-year contract? I’ll add a $94.8 million Owen contract. This contract is $92.6 million, and the difference is $2.2 million.

In the case of no higher than the screw, the compulsory season is higher than that in the case of Ross, but the total salary is lower than that in the case of Ross. Why? Ah, I don’t understand how you enjoy the Ross terms. According to the truth, it’s much more difficult for you to get more than Ross because. Your salary and hat are more than him, right?

You’re doing the opposite. Ross is more than you. In this case, it’s quite different. The difference between inside and outside is more than $5 million. What’s the explanation? Is there a rose clause for 90 million in five years.

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