Power Rankings, Week 15: Suns, Bucks on the rise in Top 5

Things have certainly gotten chaotic around the NBA over the last few weeks. Some of the best teams in the league have struggled. A couple of playoff teams from last year – Atlanta and Portland – have begun to show signs of life. The top of the Eastern Conference now has three teams with 17 losses and another three with 19. Much air time was spent on a pretty benign late-game substitution in L.A.

In regard to more meaningful topics out West, much has changed from a few weeks ago, with the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz falling back to the pack, while the Dallas Mavericks and their … [checks notes] … fourth-ranked defense have taken control of the 5 seed. The Memphis Grizzlies have suffered a smidgen of slippage, losing three of five.

But the Phoenix Suns remain the constant. And with the other teams in what looked like a three-team top tier having fallen, the defending Western Conference champs suddenly have a four-game lead in the loss column atop the standings.